Polycarbonate Sheets

Things You Need To Know About Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets have gained popularity for their incredible contribution to the environment. They are transparent sheets combined with steel to enable the maximum penetration of sunlight into the industrial area. These sheets have replaced glass and acrylic sheets because of their high quality and thickness. Have you noticed that earlier these sheets were used in high-profile restaurants and cafes?. But people realized its benefits and started using it for residential purposes also. The roofing sheets in Chennai are used for commercial purposes. Due to their wide range of applications and high demand, they are very economical. In this post, let’s see about the various advantages of installing a polycarbonate sheet.


These sheets are light in weight and, hence the expenditure for transportation and labor are minimum. Therefore they are more affordable.The polycarbonate sheet price in Chennai ranges from Rs.64 per square of the material. The advantage of this material is they don’t require additional coatings or installation accessories.

Easy to install:

Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in the commercial industry for their easy installation at the site. They don’t require complex machines or cranes in the process and can be fixed with the help of screws and support rods. These sheets are welded easily without much effort and cut with sharp-edged scissors and circular saws.

Ultraviolet protection:

The transparent polycarbonate sheets are protected against UV rays and are highly resistant to their impact. They are invariable up to 120 degrees celsius and hence maintain an exceptional surface and transparency. It is an ideal choice when you want maximum sunlight to come in without being harmed by its rays. The greenhouses are an example of polycarbonate roofing. It helps the plants to grow well with a sufficient amount of light and energy.

Fire resistance:

Similar to metal roofing sheets, polycarbonate sheets are resistant to fire. These sheets prevent the flow of excess heat, hot gasses, and flames. It also does not expand during the heat and does not impose additional stress on the buildings. Polycarbonate sheets are suitable for fire-prone areas.


Polycarbonate sheets require low maintenance, unlike glass roofing sheets. If you wish to choose corrugated polycarbonate sheets for the house or workplace, you need not worry about their maintenance because they don’t allow water or residues on the surface. These types of sheets are commonly used at garages, skylights, greenhouses, and pergolas.


It protects the internal structure from wind, moisture, and external temperatures. If you are choosing multiwall polycarbonate, it provides excellent insulation depending upon the type of weather. It provides warmth during the winter and a cool atmosphere during the summer. It is used in construction buildings, interior designs, and agricultural buildings.

Therefore, c purlin manufacturers offer a wide range of construction frames for polycarbonate sheets to their customers with high standard and quality. Hence, consider the tips suggested in the post to know more about polycarbonate sheeting and uses.

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