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Purlins – All Your Steel Solutions Under One Roof

Have you ever noticed in a construction site the vertical columns and horizontal beams?. Most of us have witnessed this skeletal form of a building at least a few times in our lives. It is this structural frame that plays a vital role in roofing and flooring. This framework is much needed to have a sturdy and stable roofing above us. In those days, people used wood purlins for roofing but with advanced technology, wood is replaced with metal purlins for high durability and strength. Purlins are the beams for the building to lay roofing sheets or wall cladding sheets. These purlins provide all steel solutions for you under one roof. There are many types of purlins and hence, in this post let us see the different types of steel purlins and their uses.

C-shaped purlins:

The C-shaped purlins are in the form of letter C. The C-shaped purlins are primarily used to support walls and floors. They are built to shape the building’s shell structure such as walls and floor joists. It is a suitable supporting system for beams and essential for metal roofing sheets. The c-purlins are easy to handle and don’t require any drilling or cutting machine. It is also called C section purlins or cee section purlins in the construction industry.


Another form of purlin is Z-purlin, has high strength and is used at joists and overlaps. These are horizontal beams used to shape the building structure of roofs and wall joists. It is inserted between the roofing sheets and the building and acts as a support for sheeting. It ensures that the sheet is attached firmly and secured in place. The Z-purlin is commonly used in agricultural and industrial properties due to its versatility and lightweight properties. It is also known as zed purlins.You can always purchase high quality roofing products from JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai.

Sigma purlins:

C-shaped purlins that have a small bend in the middle are known as SIGMA purlins. They have excellent structural properties and are superior to the other two types of purlins. Sigma section purlins are used to shape floor joists and walls of buildings. It makes them a suitable supporting system to the wall beams and flooring. These purlins are used in side rails, parapet rails, roof clipping, window trimming, and door mounting.

Hence, a variety of construction materials are available in the marketplace that makes it look incredible to build factories. If you are looking for purlins for your construction then c purlin manufacturers provide you with high-quality materials and resources.

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