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Roof is the topmost part of a building and it protects the building from all natural hazards such as rain, heat, dust, pollution, etc. Roof provides a complete structure to the building and without a roof a complete and protective shelter cannot be fulfilled. In this modern world, Metal Roofing Sheets in Chennai are widely used all over the world because of its versatility. It is of low cost comparing to other form of roofs and also the maintenance cost is low. It is available in various colors as the users can afford their favourite color for your place

We provide the high quality Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets and JSW Colour Coated Sheets in Chennai.

If you are looking to replace the roof on your business or home, you have many options. If you are looking for roofing without maintenance, your best choice is Metal Roofing Sheets. If you install metal Roofing Sheets in your house or commercial place, it does not require any maintenance.

Metal Roofing Sheets comes in various colors and styles. You can choose the color and style of the roofing sheets based on your requirements. It also reflects the sun rays and makes your place cool. It will not absorb the sunlight.

We introduced many designs and various patterns in Color Roofing Sheets and customers are happy and satisfied in using it.There are more advantages getting this from a JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai. It is thin and light in weight as it can be carried easily. It is flexible and is used for a long time. It is easy to install and is recyclable. It has heavy loading capacity, and also water resistance and low heat conducting capacity. Because of these reasons, it is comfortable for all type of people who use it. Moreover, its attractive look is admired by all age groups of this modern age. The designs and patterns given on steel roofing sheets can be modified easily according to the taste of the consumers. There are many options in this steel roofing sheets. These sheets fight back to the climatic changes and gives long durability of life. The roof which is use in common is the Metal sheets. The metal roofing sheet is the cheapest among the roofing sheets as it is the basic form of the roofing sheets. Though it is the cheapest and basic form, its durability is high while comparing with other sheets mentioned above, it is light in weight, easy to fix and maintenance free.

Color Palette

Metal Roofing Sheet Specification


A Metal roof can withstand without decomposing and deterioting under all weather conditions. with wide variety of colors, styles and patterns no individual is disappointed, the colors don’t fade making it beautiful for life long

Metal Roofing Layer Diagram

Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Combination  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  99.5%ZN
 Coating Std  AS 1397 – 93  AS 1397 – 93  AS per is 277
 Material  Bare Galvalume – ASTM A792M  BGL & CCGL  C.C.Galvanized
 Coating Mass  AZ 150 gsm  120 gsm /  90-120 gsm
 Nominal Thickness (TCT)  0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
AS/NZS – 1365-96
 0.40TCT, 0.47TCT,
0.50TCT & 0.54TCT
 0.30TCT, 0.35TCT,
0.40TCT, 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
 Yield Strength  550 Mpa  550 Mpa  300 & 550 Mpa
 Paint  —-  Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system
 Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system

Metal Roofing Sheets Application

Boundary Protection
Industrial Gates
Wall cladding
Factory building/ Industrial shed
Roof Top Terrace


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    JSW Steel is the first licensee of Galvalume in India.Galvalume Products offer superior Corrosion-resistance compared to ohter coating technologies, making your roof last longer even in the harshest of weather coditions.

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    It comes with Anti-corrosion Technology that prevents early corrosion of steel and substantially increases the life of the roof.

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    ISI Approved:

    It is india's forst ISI certified colour-coated sheets which shows the commitment of JSW Steel coated Priducts Limited towards manufacturing world class products.

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    Optimum Temperature Management:

    It stops heat radiation from penetrating inside the building, thus maintaining greater thermal comfort all year round and keeping the interiors cooler.

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    Made from Pure steel it is light-weight and has high tensile stregth. It offers a yield strength of min 550 mpa and 770 mpa to meet the needs of various application.