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Crayon Roofings & Structures is a JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai that can meet all of your roofing needs. Crayon Roofing takes great pride in meeting all of our client’s needs and answering all of their specific concerns about metal and polycarbonate roofing sheets. Our production process is planned in such a manner that all of our products meet the quality standards that we expect. Our expertise team ensures that you get the right product at the right time to meet your specific construction needs. This has helped us gain the name of the best roofing sheets for house in India. You can rely on the high quality of our steel roofing sheets, from which we manufacture our products. We maintain strict standards when manufacturing our long-lasting roofing sheets. If you want to install a new roofing sheet or repair/replace an existing one, Crayon Roofing is the place to go.

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Crayon Roofing and Structures, the metal sheet roofing contractors provides provides high-quality roofing sheets in Chennai with a wide range of colors and materials like polycarbonate, metal, corrugated sheets, and so on. Contact our executives for more information on roofing sheet prices, be it metal sheets or polycarbonate sheet price in Chennai

Metal roofing sheets in Chennai are highly demanded due to their versatility, heat resistance, and, most importantly, their low cost, which makes them a good choice among both residential dwellings and industrialized users. The roofing sheets are extremely durable and can withstand even the most severe climatic conditions. When deciding on a roofing sheet, the hue is just as important in determining the durability and qualitative capacity. The colour also improves the overall appearance of the building because they are always the very last piece of a building's construction.

We are one of the best providers of roofing sheet manufacturers in Chennai. In certain ways, the roof completes the appearance of the building. As a result, the color of the sheet that we settle on has a significant effect on the appearance of modern houses and in Crayon Roofings we provide a wide-ranging collection of JSW colour-coated sheets. We are one of the best providers of roofing sheets in Chennai. Choosing the right colors for the home, based on various factors, is nothing short of an adventure. The color scheme should complement your surroundings as well as the remaining parts of the home. If you take the grey colour roofing sheet, it goes with all the house's colours. In order to clear up any confusion, we offer professional assistance in determining the best JSW roofings for you. We are more distinguished than any other vendors in market, our metal roof sheets price per sheet is unquestionably the most affordable.

Aside from inspecting the entire roofing system, it is also necessary to make sure the authenticity of every accessory that help the roof last longer. Its due to the components working together to sustain the overall structure of the system. As a result, you should purchase purlins from Crayon Roofings, one of the best C purlin manufacturers. We don't just specialize in one accessory; we're also one of the city's most sought-after z purlin manufacturers.

BEST Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai

Crayon Roofing, one of the best roofing sheet suppliers in chennai for more than two decades have an expert knowledge in this field and hence make sure to provide products that meet every customer needs. Our roofing sheet prices in Chennai starts from Rs. 385+GST/- Per/Sqm which makes it an ideal option for many contractors and builders out there where they can avail quality and budget-friendly roofing sheets.

Fire resistance

Metal roofing sheets are stable at high temperatures and have a fire rating of class A. As a result, it is thought to be fire resistant.


They are light in weight, and more people are interested in having Roofing Sheets installed on their homes

Easy Installation

metal roofing sheets are easier to install and take less time to complete because they weigh less than their counterparts.

Increased Life Span

Metal roofing sheets tests the time as they withstand natural calamities, environmental factors, and all microbial activities. Our products guarantees to last from 20 to 50 years and we also provide warranties for painted roofs.

Conduction Of Heat

The metal reflects solar heat, thus reducing the midday heat. It improves energy efficiency. Metal roofing sheets have the lowest roof pitch and shed the most rain and snow.


We provide the high quality Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets and JSW Metal Roofing Sheets in Chennai.

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