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We manufacture and supply a vast range of customized structural C and Z purlins for industrial purposes. Purlins are used at places which needs sturdy and durable steel framing supports for industries, building, sheds garages etc… Purlins can be made from high quality-high tensile Mild steel, Galvanized steel or Cold rolled steel depending upon the customer’s requirement. Purlins can be made as per customer’s requirement and specification in different lengths and sizes in plain or punched form.

One can chose from wide availability of different web height, thickness and raw material combinations, from 75mm upto 400mm with thickness of 1.5mm to 2.5mm. Purlins are aesthetic and cost effective replacementto the conventional pipe structures used in steel buildings. Purlins manufactured at Crayon roofing’s and structures are highly precise with minimal tolerance making a high-quality product at all times.

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