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How To Find If Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced?

As time passes, the roof naturally comes to an end. Maybe you find the roof structure good but it looks older and messy. Just like you do periodic maintenance for your house, the roof also needs to be replaced to bring a fresh look to your house.. Sometimes the roof also needs to be replaced to bring a new look for your house. So it’s the time to choose new metal roofing sheets for your place. It’s better to change it as soon as possible because in the process of delaying, it could result in issues like leakage of water through the ceiling which can spoil the interior of the entire house.

You may not think about the roof until you notice leaks in it. You as house owners need to inspect your roof at least once every six months. So you need to be aware of some warning signs. To make it easy for you here mentioned some factors you need to be aware of in your roofing replacement in this post.

1.Curled edges:

Roofing gives the perfect look for a house when it is in good shape. If you find edges are curled, it spoils the entire house look. It makes the house look like a very old one with low maintenance. So it’s high time that your roofs need to be replaced.

2.Bald spots:

Bald spots are a big hint for you to replace your roofing immediately. Because with the loss of granules roof loses its ability to protect your home. Hence purchase new ones from JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai for high quality roofing materials.


Moss usually grows on roofs in cool and moist climates. Too much growth of moss looks just like untreated skin with patches on the face. Moss can damage the granules on the top of the roofings. Losing granules indirectly means it is a sign that your roof came to its end. During proper maintenance, moss can fade away but there are chances to grow again. Replacing the roof is better than damaging the house interior look.

4.Dark streaks:

Usually dark streaks occur on a roof while it causes airborne algae. Usually this algae begins from very small spots, if you have not noticed this by two months then it has a chance to develop the bigger ones. This usually spoils the look of roofing and it looks weird for anyone to see. 

5.Your roof age is more 20 years:

Roofings have high durability but it doesn’t look the same all over the years. They look old and the newly constructed houses around you may look good, thus dominating your house look. So always take a look at your house improvements, if you find your roof life crosses twenty years then it is better for you to replace the old one because it loses its protecting qualities.

When you find any of the above factors replace your roof immediately. Roofing sheets price in Chennai are quite affordable and designs available here are unique with different models.

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