Ice Impact Your Roof

How Does Snow And Ice Impact Your Roof?

Winter is one of the harshest seasons for roofing, & snow and ice can impact roof longevity. Depending on the roofing sheets only people protect their house and themselves from drastic climatic conditions. 

To maintain your home roof in good condition, there are some points mentioned in this blog where your roof can withstand any climatic conditions. 

Common impacts of snow on a roof:

Apart from newer roofs, the older roofs get repaired quickly because decades of snow and ice storms lie on the roof structures which leads to slow-down roof structures. Let’s discuss some common points.

  • Stress: 

Due to some external pressure from the snow, the roof experiences stress. This heavily impacts the roof such that it starts leaking, and in some cases, the roof can suffer a cave-in.

  • Leaks : 

Most people think that leakage occurs in heavy rainy months, but in reality, snow can actually play a major role in causing roof leaks. These wintertime leaks can worsen the damaged roofs. When a sunny day occurs, this snow melts and slowly enters the walls and ceiling. 

How does snow affect different roofing materials? 

  • Copper material has a lifespan of 50 years which is known to be strong and can resist mould and any water related issues. 
  • Clay roofing material has been around for thousands of years and it is well known for its durability
  • Wood material has excellent insulation capabilities but they are not resistant to snow areas or climatic conditions.
  • Metal material is one of the most popular and has been used by many people because of its strength and durability. They have resistant power to save the roof from all climatic conditions. Metal roofing sheets in Chennai are mostly trending these days.

How to prevent damage caused by snow?

To save your roof for a long time, you need to maintain it properly. Here are some steps which help you to prevent damage caused by snow.


  • While checking your roof on a periodical audit, concentrate clearly on whether it needs repair or replacement. Because if it is heavily damaged, replace it immediately with high quality material which stays for a long time and saves your house from further climatic conditions.
  • For proper maintenance of the roof, you should check once every three months and it is better to clean it three times a year. The best time to clean the roof is the end of snowy weather.
  • Routine checkup helps you to find damages at an early stage itself and helps in clearing them. 
  • Moreover, to protect your roof from snow use JSW colour coated sheets which are not only known for their aesthetic look but also help to maintain your roof for more years.

Only a professional contractor is able to tell you the information you need clearly. So contact C Purlin manufacturers today and visit them to know why roof replacement is needed. Here you will get all the materials ranging from low to high prices and the quality depends on cost.

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