Trendy color ideas for your metal roofing sheets!

There is a slight misconception amongst the house owners about metal roofing. It is only considered for its functional benefits but overlooked on the design aspect. They normally end up at the end of the construction process as a mere afterthought and not a lot of effort is wasted trying to pick the right Metal Roofing Sheets

These sheets—apart from the protection—can add to the design aspect of the house. Think of it as the final touch of the creamy layer of icing to an already elegantly looking cake. Drawing parallels to the metaphor may be difficult but it is to be understood that the color of the sheet matters!

Every year, the color trend in the construction world changes. A set of colors generally gets chosen every time a roofing contractor gives the house owner the color palette. Here are some of the latest color preferences and ideas for your roof.

1 – A Matte black finish

The demand for matte black has grown significantly over the past two years and still remains the default color choice of many house owners and roofing contractors. Why has this particular color gained so much fan-following in recent years? Let’s find out.

  • Matte black—on the outset—has a great modern finesse to it. The sleek finish makes the whole house look soft and gives a calm sensation to anyone looking at it.
  • The color suits any type of architecture and perfectly blends along with them. Hence, serving as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ choice to the house owners.
  • Roofing Sheets that have a shiny finish can sometimes backfire as they clearly show any scratches and scuffs. It is tough to hide any dirt on such materials. But, a matte black color underplays the color yet retaining the posh look. It is difficult to see any flaws in the roof.
  • Matte black often enhances the look of the surrounding elements. When coupled with complementary colors, they work cohesively for that premium feel of the house.

2 – Natural metals colors

Amongst all the other color trends in recent years, natural metal colors are becoming everyone’s favorite. They normally consist of zinc, copper, aluminum, and brass. The reason for their sudden surge in demand can be accredited to their properties. Let’s go deeper.

  • The jsw colour coated sheets with the natural metal colors offer a neat, realistic finish to the house since they closely mimic the natural metals. Most of the house owners prefer such a subtle finish to their house.
  • To build off of the last point, the color is of a relaxing tone and thus provides a comforting feel to the look of the house. This is also the reason why most of them prefer beige and soft gray colors for their roof.
  • Metal colors are generally neutral in nature and this makes them easily accommodated to their environment. House owners need not struggle to fit these colors into the design.
  • Sometimes, the polycarbonate sheet price in chennai can be high and these colors are an economical choice to get the same premium look for the roof.

3 – Greens

Earthy greens are also at the top of the list of trendy colors. But these colors are not the basic green. They tend to have a much more subtle, soft, and muted appearance. Earthy greens are similar to neutral colors but unlike them, it provides a certain shine and glows without being too much of anything. If the house is located in a hilly region, there is no better choice than going for this color as it has an inherent quality of being natural and would go nicely with the surrounding.

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