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How To Choose Colored Metal Roofing Sheets For Your Roof?

It is hard to imagine a home without roofing sheets over your head. Previously used metal sheets are dull, but nowadays, with the help of science and technology, metal sheets are made with a variety of style and colors. The primary aim of the coloring sheet is to keep the establishments or the home cool inside during hot summer. These metal sheets absorb maximum sunlight preventing UV radiation. Hence, metal sheets transform the overlook of the building by protecting people from sun rays. You may ask, is it important to choose the roof? Yes, certainly. The color of the sheet will determine the effect of the climate. It helps you stand out from your neighborhood and gives an identity to your organization or home. Hence, in this post, let us see what are the factors that help you to choose colored metal roofing sheets for the roof.


The prime factor in choosing the colored metal sheet is the climate and environment of your house or company. Those who live in a tropical region should choose light-coloredmetal roofing in Chennai because these sheets will reflect the sunlight to the maximum. Thus, these sheets keep the house cool even during hot conditions. The dark-colored metal sheets absorb the sunlight and make the environment warmer. These kinds of sheets are more suitable for surroundings that have a cold climate throughout the year. Hence, it is advisable to choose a sheet that helps in maintaining a perfect temperature.

Go with the trend:

If you are planning to change your roofing and have no idea about it, look at your neighborhood for the answer. Your surroundings will give so many ideas and the roofs that are newly launched. Therefore, while choosing the color of the sheet, select the color that fits your neighborhood. The simple way is to pick the color that compliments your home’s style. Hence, select a color that is relevant to the present trend and the architectural style of your house to last for years.

Cost matters:

It is fun to paint the roof as per your wish and convenience. But, the process involves a large amount of money. The price of a metal sheet ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.160 per square feet. Hence, metal sheets are expensive, and you cannot change the sheet as per convenience. The lifespan of a metal sheet is more than 50 years and with the help of advanced material that can last up to 100 years. Hence, before choosingjsw colour coated sheets, look for your desired color that will satisfy you in the long run. The only option to change the color is to paint it with acrylic latex or oil-based alkyd paint specially designed for metal sheets.


It is essential to choose quality paint for your roof. A specially designed roofing paint will withstand any weather condition. Poor quality paint will fade off due to sun rays, wind, precipitation, and rain. Hence look for a quality roofer who has high-standard roofing paints for your roof.

Hence, if you are planning to change your roof, consider the factors shared in the post before buying and always purchase from JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai for quality roofing.

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