Steel Purlins

How Are Steel Purlins More Suitable For Construction?

Have you ever thought about what makes the roofing stay in place? Fasteners, interconnected panels, but also purlins play a vital role in keeping the sheets in place. Purlins are the fundamental frameworks to support the roofing sheets and to keep the overall structure sturdy. Hence, the quality of the framework is essential, and the builders prioritize these over other components.

The primary aim of the purlins is to provide additional support to the roof and bond the rafters together to strengthen and stabilize the rigid framing. Similarly, these frameworks assist the span of the individual roofing bay. Hence, purlins are essential in every building structure to withstand extreme weather conditions. Many think that purlins and structural beams are similar and serve the same purpose. But in reality, the structural beams are light in weight and have thinner walls than the purlins.

Therefore, it is ideal to use steel purlins to keep the tiles, sheets, and roof deck in place. Hence, in this post, listed below are some factors that say how steel purlins are more suitable for construction.


The foremost factor in choosing the steel purlins for the construction is it is ideal for different structures. One of the popular constructions nowadays is the pre-engineered buildings and most industries choose this type of building for their purpose because they are easy to assemble and serve as a cost-effective option. So, the constructors use purlins on-site below the roofs to provide extra support to the deck and roof. However, purlins are obtained through the cold-forming process, and there are two types of purlins, namely c and z purlins. Most of the building contractors purchase from the c purlin manufacturers for constructing warehouses, parking lots, residential spaces, and many more. Hence, steel purlins are used for their versatility and can be drilled in any way to meet the requirements.


As mentioned earlier, the steel purlins serve as an excellent supporting system to the roofing. Steel is one of the most versatile resources that makes the purlins a more durable and toughened product. Similarly, they exhibit high tensile strength and weight ratio compared to other purlin products. Hence, steel purlins have a well-built structure and are stable, which prevents the JSW colour coated sheets or roofing from heavy wind, moisture, and other external elements seeping through them. The steel purlins also improve the insulation of the roofs and make the roofs last longer.


In the construction industry, often structural steel beams and steel purlins are used together. Sometimes steel purlins replace the structural beams entirely and make them an ideal building material for construction. The steel purlins are designed in a way to provide high durability at low weight. Hence, steel purlins make their job easier, and assembling them doesn’t require much effort.

Hence, steel purlins are an excellent solution for your roofing and building purposes. You can also purchase the best roofing from the dealers like the JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai for high-quality and standard sheets.

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