Why Steel Roofing Sheets Are Preferred Over Traditional Roofing?

Steel roofing sheets are preferred by both residential and commercial owners due to their many benefits over other roofing materials like tile, felt, or shingles. In India, the market for roofing sheets is constantly changing. With rising customer involvement in purchasing roofing solutions and rising consumer demand for aesthetics and value for money, the roofing sector in the nation has undergone a major shift in recent decades. The residential, commercial, and manufacturing industries now face demand for roofing sheet prices in Chennai. In this blog, we shall take a brief look at a few reasons why steel roofing sheets are preferred over conventional ones.

What Are The Benefits Of Steel Roof Sheets?

Lightweight And Great Strength

Compared to other roofing materials like cement tiles, steel roofing sheets are extremely lightweight, which reduces the cost of design and the structure’s supporting structure. On existing roofs and structures, steel roofing sheets can be put with little to no extra support.


In comparison to other traditional roofing materials, Z purlin manufacturers offer steel roofing sheets that have a stronger resistance to climate challenges such as cracking and leakage. Along with enhancing the steel’s exterior aesthetics, the smart coated surface also shields it from snow and rain. Since the roof is sloped, water drains off it effectively, keeping moisture outside.

Energy Saving

Due to the steel roofing sheets’ ability to reflect heat, the building is shielded from the heat of the sun. The heat generated within a structure or home during the winter is reflected back, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. Lighter colours reflect more heat from the sun, affecting the amount of solar reflection. Roofing materials that are great at insulating are included in insulated steel roofing sheets, which are a great alternative for buildings that are utilised by humans.


Steel is incredibly durable and hard-wearing yet lightweight, which lessens the strain on buildings and facilitates rapid, simple, and effective installation. In severe hailstorms, a high degree of impact resistance is very advantageous. The upper layer of the steel roofing sheets is treated with plastisol, which gives an extra-durable, scratch-resistant coating that is quite useful while transferring and transporting the order. Steel is also fireproof and non-flammable, making it exceptionally safe and perfect for houses and businesses.

Steel sheet roofings are one of the most popular and sought-after types of roofing material now on the market, with good installation, it can be inferred based on the numerous advantages covered here. High-quality JSW colour coated sheets are offered by Crayon Roofing and Structures in a variety of colours and materials, including corrugated sheets, metal, and polycarbonate. They enhance the building’s appearance and elegance while also being extremely resilient and low-maintenance. These polycarbonate sheet price in Chennai are reasonable and have a wide range of uses in both the business and household sectors. You may rely on the superior steel roofing sheets we use to make our goods, which are of the highest quality.