Crayon Roofings is an online service that brings homeowners together with trusted professionals specializing in external projects such as solar, Roofing Sheets, windows, Metal Roofing Sheets, and HVAC solutions. This year, Chennai has been over 40 degrees Celcius for almost two months almost daily with no chance to let go. The region has been witnessing several over-35 degree Celcius days in Tamil Nadu no better. Houses are born in hot climates such as this, and roofs – where the sun shines throughout the day – get the hardest. But roofs are much more than keeping the sun behind you. A poorly designed roof degrades the heat, cracks, and breaks over time.

Heat is transmitted directly from the sun to the surface and home. In turn, this process causes household cooling to increase energy costs, making some materials considerably less energy efficient than others. On the reverse side, some roof types like Steel Roofing Sheets not just keep standing up to the vicious hot air with aplomb, but also provide much-needed ventilation and airflow between the rooftop components and the deck. Some products make it a lot more difficult to transfer thermally or reflect the sun from the roof, keeping houses cool like a coxcomb. Various materials for extreme heat have their advantages and disadvantages of course. 

We, at Crayon Roofings, one of the leading service providers for Roofing Sheets in Chennai, Introduce a guide on the most famous local roofing products to help you weigh the different aspects.

Ceramic roofing and terra-cotta tiles

This roofing component is so common in Chennai, apart from Metal Roofing but has nothing to do with its looks; however, terra-cotta is a good substitute for those who hope to obtain a little colonial Spanish style. The term terra-cotta means “cooked earth,” and it gives these tiles their weatherproof properties in a kiln at high temperatures. Indeed, for centuries clay tiles have stood up to the temperature, which can last constantly for 50 years.

Tiles and plate roofs of concrete

Concrete is a great choice for people who like terra-thermal cotta’s properties but just not the price. The thickness of this component means that it takes longer to heat in the sun and therefore more time to absorb the heat back home. Platinum cement is an inexpensive – though heavy – hot-weather rooftop solution. Even so, roofing providers also produce concrete slabs which are more pleasant and color-farmed. S-tiles are one of the bunch’s most energy-efficient models of such choices. Like so many other Terracotta flies, the flow between both the deck and the layer of the roof enhance into a good wave pattern

Membrane Daching EPDM 

EPDM materials, frequently called rubber roofing, are not rubber, except an artificial rubber-like material called as long-term as the polymer of ethylene propylene. In extreme conditions, the structure of EPDM makes it extremely robust. its Ultraviolet light resistance without trying to crack and breaking down has been shown in safety studies. And life cycle assessment is often praised for its low overhead energy during the production process. When the material is covered with titanium dioxide that gives the EPDM a light color the material is especially effective for heat reductions.

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