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Is C-Purlins a Good Choice for Roofing?

Purlin is a form of Roofing Sheets that is also recognized as that of the crown plate. It is a rolled structural section made from a flat Metal Roofing Sheet. Rollers are used to form the sheet into a specific purlin shape. Purlins are classified into three types: common purlins, purlin plates, and principal purlins. 

C purlins and Z purlins are the two main types of purlins. C purlins have the shape of a ‘C,’ while Z purlins have the shape of a ‘Z.’ A combination of C and Z purlins managed to carve out an ideal roof structure. Z purlins can move 180 degrees, making them versatile in building projects. Purlins are supported by a rafter or wall. Cold-formed steel or C purlins are used for walls and roofs, while Z purlins are used for various supports. There are benefits and drawbacks to using purlin sheds.

Advantages of Using Purlin Sheds

  • Purlin sheds are best suited for sheds that are less than 12 meters in length. They are sturdy to endure a small size while also meeting all requirements. The total cost of manufacturing and assembly is lower, saving money on unnecessary expenses.
  • Most purlin sheds are easily installed on the job site. Bolts and screws are used by C and Z Purlin suppliers in Chhattisgarh to quickly join the existing infrastructure. It saves a lot of time and is simple to set up in small sheds. It reduces erection expenses, making it an excellent choice for instant usage.
  • Purlin sheds are less expensive than other types of structures.
  • The disadvantages of using purlin sheds

  • Strength constraints — c purlin manufacturers necessitate additional bracing in the purlin sheds to keep the structures rigid and powerful. They cannot endure extreme weather conditions and must always be tied with a high point tie.
  • Purlin sheds have structural limitations that make them unsuitable for clients who intend to house machinery in the structure. It has a high chance of causing damage to the entire unit. For instance, the forklift may inadvertently knock down a column, resulting in significant damages.
  • Limitations in safety — Most of the C purlins cannot easily withstand high temperatures and may collapse during a fire. They lack firefighting capabilities. They are considered to be in danger, particularly in the event of a fire.
  • Infrastructure constraints — Purlin sheds are frequently screwed along with the assistance of a welding machine or bolts and nuts. This will not make it as strong as compared to other structural steel. There is a chance that the structure will become fragile at any time after it is built.
  • Purlin sheds have grown in popularity in recent years to become the most demanded Roofing Sheets in Chennai due to their high efficiency, affordability, and reliability. It is useful in the Steel Roofing Sheets production industry for roof framing that supports the whole sheet. 

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