Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are designed for both the commercial and residential buildings. It is used for various purposes. A colorless clear plastic type material that is used to exchange glass is known as polycarbonate.

It has a new property that diffuses lighting. It makes dirt almost invisible. The polycarbonate is steady in high and low temperatures and it is used both internally and externally. It provides the excellent effect resistance and fire ranking.

Thermoplastic is extremely tough and strong. It weighs smaller amount than the glass. It has stain resistant. It is used indoors along with outdoors and it is resistant to low temperatures. The polycarbonate sheets have extreme toughness and transparent nature.

Advantages of polycarbonate sheets

Like JSW Roofing Sheets, it is very easy to install. If you fail to get an individual to install these sheets, you can install it by yourself. It is not very complex.

The polycarbonate sheets are very strong and it is virtually unbreakable.

These sheets are flexible and it can be easily thermoformed. These sheets can be easily customized.

Theses sheets are very transparent and they are 90% light transmission. It is the alternative where the natural light is required.

These materials have fire resistant. They are considered as the best thermal insulator due to the air space between the sheets.

When compared with glass, the polycarbonate sheets are in less weight. Much reinforcement is not required to support the weight of the multiwall polycarbonate material.

These sheets are UV protected. It is one of the important advantages of polycarbonate sheets.


These sheets are highly flexible and it can be transformed into various shapes.

Sound barrier:

The polycarbonate sheets acts as a perfect sound barrier. It is one of the excellent features. It is suitable for the conference rooms and other places that need privacy.

Control infiltration:

It is used to control the infiltration of UV rays.

Weather Resistant:

It has the weather resistant property and it is used in both the home and office. In addition to the weather resistant, it is also a fire resistant.

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