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Difference between commercial and residential roofing

Difference between commercial and residential roofing

The purpose of both the commercial and residential roofing are same but there are some key differences. If you approach roofing contractor, the potential roofers will ask whether you are contracting for residential or commercial project. There is a differences in the design, cost and structural elements of the commercial and residential roofing.

Structural requirements

The structural requirements of the commercial roofs are different than the residential roofing. For example, the roof of a shopping mall is bigger than the house. The installation of the commercial roof needs larger crew than the residential roofs.

Likewise, the fixtures, load requirements, materials can vary between the residential and commercial roofs. The commercial roofs have the larger load bearing capacity.

The residential roof need to accommodate skylights, chimneys and the commercial projects must think through ventilation system, pipes, smoke stacks and mechanical needs.

Construction specifications

There are some construction specifications for the residential and commercial roofs. If the commercial buildings have the heavy machinery, the roofing material must be able to withstand heat discharge. The residential roofs are constructed with respect to the home owner’s personal preferences like durability, appearance and maintenance.

The commercial roofers must consider the function of the commercial building. Both the roofs must withstand the climatic conditions.

The crew required to do the commercial project is larger when compared to the residential projects. The residential projects require less manpower. The difference between the residential and the commercial roofing includes the cost, design, skilled labor and the materials.

Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets are widely used in the building of both the residential and commercial roofing. To know about Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai, contact the best Roofing sheet dealers and suppliers in Chennai.

Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofs are in trend. Nowadays most of the people prefer the metal roofing sheets. It is because of its excellent features. It can withstand any type of tough weather conditions. It can have the long lasting feature, flexibility and durability. It will give a traditional style of looking. It is considered as an attractive alternate to the standard roofing.

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