Everything you need to know about greenhouse polycarbonate sheets


Everything you need to know about greenhouse polycarbonate sheets

Popularly known as Polycarbonate panels , green house polycarbonate sheets are Rigid ,tough and strongest materials which are available as twin flat-like sheets which are used for easy installation and also in corrugated form for single use.


They can be easily cut with saw , or even a fine tooth blade, simple as cutting a plywood. This work can even be done to a accurate and fine extent due to its crystal clear glass like feature. The weight aspect concerned is low, providing  better application of roofing sheets.


This is because the U-V layer used for protection during transport and to assist the installer on which side is to be used ,would probably melt into the sheet on exposure to direct heat. This may result in additional cost  for removal.


Most reputed manufactures supplying polycarbonate sheets in Chennai would supply on a high warranty period, it usually works well even after the extended period.



Major Features Of Polycarbonate Sheets In Crayon Roofing

We all need the trusted dealers to purchase roofing to the building. They are many dealers but the trustworthy dealer matters in the construction. Crayon roofing is the best choice to buy the Polycarbonate sheets in Chennai. Crayon roofing offers the superior quality at affordable price. Here Polycarbonate sheets are made from the high standard polycarbonate material.

The outstanding feature about the polycarbonate sheets is that sheets come with a very long warranty, which could be as long as up to ten to fifteen years. The guarantee provides coverage against light transmission loss, excessive yellowing, and damages due to any weathering.

One of the most notable features about these sheets is that they are highly resistant to the Ultra Violet rays. This special characteristic aids in keeping away the discoloration of the nesh items such as organic materials or fabrication. These objects can either be placed behind or under the sheets for the protection. They are much more flexible to climate changes. The sheets can be used at the shopping mart, warehouses, concert arenas, stadiums, museums, etc. The double side surface treatment of the sheets offers high standard resistance from weathering.


Selecting the right Polycarbonate Sheets

The Polycarbonate Sheets ought to have a cleaner look when it exposed to the elements for a long time. When you want to replace the space with polycarbonate sheeting then one must find a suitable spot for cutting and preparation of the roofing material. Prepare the material in the space which is flat and has a wide area for cutting. Thus it prevents the great damage while doing the work. Don’t risk by using it in the non-usable area. Place it in a flat wooden surface so that you may prevent it from getting scratched by other means.

The products that are made using polycarbonate are manufactured with the help of the extrusion process. Polycarbonate seems to be the toughest material of all the transparent plastics. The applications of it are suitable for glass on machinery coverings and canopy roofs. It is a thermoplastic polymer. The name is derived from the combination of both polymer and carbonate. It used the method of polymerisation. It is ought to exist for more than hundred years and in the recent times it has been produced industrially.

The Polycarbonate Sheets in Chennai have emerged into a great industry and find the best quality products for businesses of all sizes. It has become the exceptional choice for the building material that is incredibly durable. The polycarbonate sheet is a transparent and corrugated sheet that is clear and used in combination with the steel sheets. It enables the natural lighting into a steel building and sheds in the industries. It is an environment friendly and a green global product. There are strips lights that can be joined for any architectural structure.

The sheets are available in flexible width and length. The company produces the high quality polycarbonate sheets for the best price. They also make the metal roofing sheets at a reasonable price for the buyers. They are generally produced from the high quality polycarbonate. Hey are readily available in various colors that include transparent thermoplastic. It is ought to resist both the low and high temperatures. It is said to be stable and durable in all the aspects that is associated with the design.

They are ought to be strain resistant which comes in less weight and non-toxic product. The polycarbonate’s sheet comes in flat shape so as to apply for the roofing structures. It usually increases the light transmission and is used in fabrication, construction and other related industries.



Benefits of the Metal Roofing Coloured sheets

The Metal Roofing Sheets helps you to do the roofing without any need of the maintenance. There are many options available for the replacing the roof of our business or home.  This type of sheets comes in varied colours and designs. One can select the colour and the style based on our requirement. It helps in reflecting the sun rays and helps to keep your place cool. It suits for both commercial and residential places. It is not designed to absorb the sunlight.

The coloured metal Roofing has attracted the many in the industries. It has gained so much popularity in the recent times. It gives a contemporary look that gives life for a longer period. The steel roofing is one kind of metal roofing that looks similar to roofing made of aluminium and zinc. It is the conventional roofing that is easy to install owing to the less weight.  They are used for covering the wall of the industries and other building that is of commercial type. Metal roofing can also be done on the top of another roofing material. Many metals roofs have been installed over the wood that creates no problem for a lifetime.

Color Roofing Sheet offers a wide range of coated and non-coated roofing sheets from the best roofing company in Chennai. The metal tile or a roof can be installed over one or the two layers of the roof that is existing. One has to assume that the current roof and the framing and decking are in good condition. One can make the visual inspection and check the condition of the roof for a proper fixing. The structure is ought to look straight when you look from the ground. When the depression is seen on the roof it can be taken as a warning sign and one has to investigate the structural components of the roof.

The Metal Roofing in Chennai is the place where one can find all your roofing needs at the best prices. One can climb up the roof for checking any spots or signs of weakness in the structural components. If there is any query on the structural integrity of your roof goes for the removal which should be a priority in most cases. If the roof looks straight and seems to be solid with no leaks then it should be good to install on the further top of it.


Eco-Friendly Roofings

In contemporary times, most of the factories use roofing sheets to provide an effective work environment for their workforce. Roofing sheet is used in the construction of building it might commercial or residential, in accordance with the building preference, type of roof is picked.


  • POLYCARBONATE ROOFING: This type of roofing guarantees the stability, durable, anti-corrosion, ability to resist bad temperature and this is also easy to install & maintain. It comes with the UV protection layer and this act as a weather resistant. Due to its transparency, it can be used in the workplace where the natural light is required. Polycarbonate sheets are light in weight and so it is also easy to clean it up and handle.
  • METAL ROOFING: Comparatively, metal roofing sheets are the best kind of roofing the main reason to say this as best is it has reflectiveness and gives a feature to act against the hazardous of weather. The metallic structure will extend the lifespan and keep sheets away from the breakage problems.
  • COLOURED METAL ROOFING: This is as same as the metal roofing the thing is it comes with the color coat. The huge range of colors is available for coating the metal. The thickness of metal roofing will come around 0.40 mm TCT- 0.50 mm TCT. The color coating depends on the buyer’s choice. The roofing sheets are manufactured from zinc/ aluminum alloy coating. Color roofing sheet is mostly used in gardening and other places where the attractiveness is much needed. It requires low maintenance cost.
  • PLASTIC ROOFING: This is cheapest among all the other types of roofing, in the case of unaffordable to metal roofing people go with the plastic roofing which is merely available in low cost. Installation is way easier than the metal roofing. This is suitable for the places like shed, garage, terrace, where the need is only to prevent things from the climate conditions. Though it is cheaper, roofing sheets are manufactured from the high standard plastics.
  • CORRUGATED ROOFING: The corrugated roofs are made from the aluminum, stainless steel, plastic steel and galvanized steel. The corrugated steel roofing sheets are demand in the market it comes with the huge range of colors and size. This roof is thicker than all the other roofs. It is designed in the form of wave look that gives a stronger capability to resist molests.

It is highly suggested to go with the metal roofing sheets for its reliability.


Plastic Roofing sheets and its Benefits

Plastic Roofing sheets

Plastic roofing sheets protect the building from UV radiation and it is long lasting. The plastic roofing sheets are suitable for both the hot and very cold climates.

These sheets are used in the commercial and domestic roofing as well as in sky lights and pool enclosures. It can be available in variety of colors including non-fading colors. Variety of designs is available like stylish flowers, leaves and bubbles. Some of the most popular materials include aluminum, steel, other metals, plastic, and fiberglass. Plastic and aluminum roofing sheets are lighter weight and slightly less durable than the other listed materials,

The best purposes for these kinds of sheets are for farmhouses, bungalow cladding and vehicle parking garages. It can be available in widths of 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet or custom made as your requirements.

Advantages of Plastic roofing sheets

  • The plastic roofing sheets are cost effective
  • It is an extreme weather resistant
  • It is less weight and easy to install
  • Boosted beauty through self-embossed roof sheets
  • Supplies the impressive insulation from high temperature as well as sound
  • Delivers the natural light and provides the excellent clarity
  • Stabilization against UV light
  • It can be trimmed very easily by means of garden scissors or a tooth saw

The plastic roofing sheets are less expensive than the metal roofing sheets. The roofing sheets have some of the disadvantages like they can rust quickly.

The installation process is very easy. It has more strength than the conventional materials. It protects the building from snow and wind. The plastic roofing sheets are recyclable and making them environmentally favorable.

The plastic roofing sheets are ideal for pushing water out of the way. The plastic repels the water easily and it directs directly to gutters.

Purchase the Roofing Sheets in Chennai and it is suitable for both the commercial and residential purposes. The Metal Roofing Sheets and Polycarbonate Sheets are available in different designs and sizes.

If you use the metal roofing sheets, you home will stay cooler as the metal reflect the sun rays instead of absorbing them. It will last longer than 50 years. It does not require more maintenance. It is preferred by most of the people.


Materials used to make the roof

Materials used to make the roof

There are lots of materials that can be used to make roofs. You need some expert tips to compare various materials to make the best choice.

Common roofing materials

You need to choose the right material. The various materials include aluminum, copper and steel. In addition to that zinc is also used for the same purpose. These are used to build the roof. Based on the material, the durability, appearance and price of the roof will be determined.

Conventional Materials

In these days, the most common metals that are used for making the Metal Roofing Sheets include steel and aluminum. The each type can be given in the following.


In most of the houses, steel is used as the roofing material. Steel is durable and heavier than aluminum. Multiple coatings and finishes are applied to protect the steel from corrosion and rust. In general steel is zinc-coated for protection against corrosion. To fight adhesion, a coat of epoxy primer is used. The sheet systems are ideal for commercial uses.


Aluminum is lightweight and generally used for making home metal roofs. This material will not get rust. For this you need to paint or coat aluminum. It will give a good look. The aluminum is soft and it is not strong as steel.

High-End Materials

There are also various other types of metal roofing materials are available. They can cost a great deal of money. If you have an expensive home, you need to go for the high-end stuff.

Copper has been used for centuries. The advantage of using the copper material is it will not get rust and also it does not need any finish. It can be bended as it is soft. The disadvantage of copper is it is very expensive.

The alloy roofing material is very popular for their durability and strength. Based on the type of the material, the cost is determined. Stainless steel roofing is very expensive and also it will not get corrode.

Purchase the high quality Polycarbonate Sheets and Roofing Sheets in Chennai.


Roof leak detection methods

Roof leak detection methods

Some of the roof leak detection methods are given as follows. It will help you to fix the roofing problems.

The concealed leaks in the roof cause corrosion that will result in need for costly repairs. To avoid the immediate roof failure, leaks have to be addressed instantly and need to prevent it.

In order to detect the roof leaks before it causes any damage, it should be inspected before and after winter. The roof leak detection starts in the attic. Before looking at the top of your roof, search the attic for water damage. If you find the problem is with roof ventilation, you must consult the contractor to discuss your repair options.

The damaged or missing roof shingles must be replaced with the newer ones. Flashing issues are a common reason for a dripping roof. Check flashings associated to vents and chimneys to confirm that they are tight and in acceptable condition. Broken or missing flashings want to be fixed or replaced.

Another common cause of roof leaks comprises debris hindering roof watershed or blocking rain gutters.

The debris in the roof causes the water penetrating in the roof and causes water damage. Regular roof maintenance must include removing the debris from your gutters and roof valleys.

If the roof on your home is more than 20 years older, it has larger areas of damage and it continues to leak after being repaired. So it is better to replace the roof.

Purchase the Metal Roofing Sheets for both the residential and commercial purposes. Polycarbonate Sheets are mainly used for the commercial purposes. The roofing sheets will improve the appearance of your building. There are numerous colors and designs are available in the roofing sheets. You can choose the Roofing Sheets based on your necessities and taste. There are several brands are available and you need to select the best one. It can last longer than 50 years. It also provides weather resistance and fire resistance. It is environmental friendly and recyclable. It is light weight and the installation process is very easy.


Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

Corrugated metal roofing is metal sheet used generally for industrial buildings. These sheets have a wave like pattern similar to corrugated cardboard.

The cost is very low and it is light weight when compared to double layer normal metal roofing. Without any additional expense, you can get the same strength.

The drawback of this type of corrugated metal roofing is it is prone to dust. For this the steel makers decided to make galvanized corrugated metal roofing. In this process the metal undergoes a chemical process to prevent it from corroding. The main component in this process is zinc that results in fabrication of coat over original metal.

After the metal is coated, you get to have zinc on the top, the metal in the middle and zinc again in bottom. It is mainly for avoiding water drip in building when it rains.

It does not produce much noise. It only produces the similar amount of noise like wood, clay or asphalt. The installation process is really easy and it is fitted over the wooden roof. It will overlap and fits into place is decided by pitch of wooden roof.

If it is maintained properly, the rust won’t be able to destroy the roof. It is also environmental friendly and it is also recyclable. The corrugate metal roofing is available in different colors. The roofing sheets can be treated with various solutions like polymers to make them stronger and long lasting. The cost is lower when compared to other types of roofing sheets and the quality is good.

Modern Engineered Materials

Modern engineered materials make use of improvements in the material science to take benefit of particular alloys for metal roofing and coating. In general, steel is used as a base material. The coatings can provide additional corrosion resistance without detracting from exterior look of roofing. When compared to traditional process, engineered coatings and materials are very expensive.

Purchase the best Roofing Sheets in Chennai for your residential or commercial building. You can also choose Color Roofing Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheets to add more beauty to your building.


Facts about Metal Roofing

Facts about Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can be customized with any color of your choice. There are various Color Roofing Sheet are available in market to satisfy the matching needs of your building and choice. You can also change the color of your metal roof at any time and the process is very easy.

Some benefits of metal roofing

The metal roofing sheets become more popular and it has many benefits. It can be installed easily, requires less maintenance and durable.  It is long lasting and preferred by most of the people.

Some facts about the paint in metal roofing

The vendors offer the weather protected paints but it will last for a couple of years. It is due to the tough weather conditions of a particular region. The paint loses its color after few years. After some years you need to repaint. To repaint the roof, you must remove the previous paint completely and apply the new paint. You must hire the professionals for painting your roofing sheets.

Some benefits of using paint in metal roofing

The paint gives a new look to the roofing sheets. It protects the metal roof from damage caused by weather and rust. It is better to change the paint to avoid the damages. You can try various colors based on your taste and requirements. To add beauty and protect your roofing sheets, you can paint them.

Metal roofs can withstand in tough weather conditions. It is made up of durable material. It is high corrosion resistant. It is available in elegant and stylish designs. It requires low maintenance. It also reflects the heat and it is lighter than clay and concrete roof. It can be installed over existing roof. These roofing sheets can be installed easily. It reduces the heat in your home. It has increased energy efficiency. It can be made from recyclable material. It has more than 50 years warranty.  

Many people use the Roofing Sheets in Chennai for their residential and commercial buildings. Purchase the high quality JSW Roofing Sheets for your structures. For the commercial buildings, people prefer Polycarbonate Sheets in Chennai.