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Roofing sheets play a major role in the field of Civil Industry. Roofing Sheets are essential for every house owners all over the world. Colored roofing sheets are highly used for pre-engineered applications. These have a wide range of applications for traditional and commercial purposes. Color roofing sheet is generally seen in many places like restaurants, offices, car parking sheds, go-downs, garages and few more. These color coated roofing sheets are beneficial for business and residential purposes because it has high corrosion resistance, durability, and flexibility. Many of the house owners prefer this type of sheets due to its thermal weather conditions.

There is a huge technological development in this field. With respect to their development, there are varieties of designs available in color coated roofing sheets. Newer technology introduces a wide variety of different sheet metals. Different types of steel metals like aluminum, copper zinc, tin and few more are available with us. We offer the best roofing sheets in Chennai.

Our proper installation of roofing sheets will be last long as sealing out water, extant high winds, and the building. Metal sheets from Crayon have resistant to decay, fungus, bugs, and fire. We offer the warranty on our products more than 20 years. We glad to inform you that we also offer the warranty on paint finished roofs.

When it comes to colored roofing sheets generally silver color is coated. But we offer you some attractive colors like brick red, navy blue, sky blue, bottle green and few more colors are also available with us. These metal sheets are lightweight and easy installation when compared to another type of sheets. These color coated roofing sheets are available with double skin steel cladding, corrugated sheets, alloy sheets, sheets coated with some materials like stainless steel and polyester. This type of sheets is very useful for covering the walls of commercial buildings and some factories. Some of the advantages of using colored roofing sheets are very simple to install, requiring less maintenance, avoids rust and corrosion, attractive in color and avoids dangerous rays like UV rays and infrared rays. The main fact is that it won’t absorb sunlight and makes your house cool and pleasant.

A Metal roof can withstand its life without decomposing and be detreating under difficult weather conditions. Among the wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns we assure you that no individual gets disappointed and we offer you the best to make it lifelong beautiful with affordable price and satisfied customer result.



Benefits of using Polycarbonate sheets

Benefits of using Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are used instead of glass and it is used for various applications. It gives a glossy appearance. Also it gives durability and strength to the roofing sheets.

When compared to glass, this material is resistant to breakages and it offers flexibility. It is available in various forms and thickness. Polycarbonate Sheets are available for affordable rates.

These roofing sheets are used for variety of applications. It can be used for windows and doors as an alternative to glass materials. It is also used for modern home decors. It is used for the balconies and the green houses. These roofing sheets are used in sports stadiums to protect the spectators from flying balls.


The designers use these roofing sheets for various purposes to improve the beauty of the décor. It is installed with support poles and screws. It is also easy to weld these roofing sheets.

Weather Resistant

It is weather resistant and so it is used in homes and office spaces.

Less weight

When compared with other types of roofing sheets, the polycarbonate sheets are less weight. It is also easy to install.

Sound Barrier

It can also acts as a sound barriers and it can be used in meeting rooms and the places which needs privacy.


These roofing sheets are highly flexible and it can be transformed into various shapes and sizes.


It is resistant to damages and it is used in the places for extra safety.

Control Infiltration

These roofing sheets control the infiltration of UV rays.

These sheets are also used to constructing the bullet proof windows in cars. It will protect from UV rays and rain. The other roofing sheets will get scratches and damages when it is used for a long time. The polycarbonate sheets can lasts for a long time without any damage. Most of the people prefer Color Roofing Sheet for their building. You can purchase the roofing sheets based on your requirements. You can also enquire about Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai at various dealers. Then purchase the best roofing sheets based on your budget and taste.


Difference between commercial and residential roofing

Difference between commercial and residential roofing

The purpose of both the commercial and residential roofing are same but there are some key differences. If you approach roofing contractor, the potential roofers will ask whether you are contracting for residential or commercial project. There is a differences in the design, cost and structural elements of the commercial and residential roofing.

Structural requirements

The structural requirements of the commercial roofs are different than the residential roofing. For example, the roof of a shopping mall is bigger than the house. The installation of the commercial roof needs larger crew than the residential roofs.

Likewise, the fixtures, load requirements, materials can vary between the residential and commercial roofs. The commercial roofs have the larger load bearing capacity.

The residential roof need to accommodate skylights, chimneys and the commercial projects must think through ventilation system, pipes, smoke stacks and mechanical needs.

Construction specifications

There are some construction specifications for the residential and commercial roofs. If the commercial buildings have the heavy machinery, the roofing material must be able to withstand heat discharge. The residential roofs are constructed with respect to the home owner’s personal preferences like durability, appearance and maintenance.

The commercial roofers must consider the function of the commercial building. Both the roofs must withstand the climatic conditions.

The crew required to do the commercial project is larger when compared to the residential projects. The residential projects require less manpower. The difference between the residential and the commercial roofing includes the cost, design, skilled labor and the materials.

Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets are widely used in the building of both the residential and commercial roofing. To know about Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai, contact the best Roofing sheet dealers and suppliers in Chennai.

Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofs are in trend. Nowadays most of the people prefer the metal roofing sheets. It is because of its excellent features. It can withstand any type of tough weather conditions. It can have the long lasting feature, flexibility and durability. It will give a traditional style of looking. It is considered as an attractive alternate to the standard roofing.

poly carbonate

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are designed for both the commercial and residential buildings. It is used for various purposes. A colorless clear plastic type material that is used to exchange glass is known as polycarbonate.

It has a new property that diffuses lighting. It makes dirt almost invisible. The polycarbonate is steady in high and low temperatures and it is used both internally and externally. It provides the excellent effect resistance and fire ranking.

Thermoplastic is extremely tough and strong. It weighs smaller amount than the glass. It has stain resistant. It is used indoors along with outdoors and it is resistant to low temperatures. The polycarbonate sheets have extreme toughness and transparent nature.

Advantages of polycarbonate sheets

Like JSW Roofing Sheets, it is very easy to install. If you fail to get an individual to install these sheets, you can install it by yourself. It is not very complex.

The polycarbonate sheets are very strong and it is virtually unbreakable.

These sheets are flexible and it can be easily thermoformed. These sheets can be easily customized.

Theses sheets are very transparent and they are 90% light transmission. It is the alternative where the natural light is required.

These materials have fire resistant. They are considered as the best thermal insulator due to the air space between the sheets.

When compared with glass, the polycarbonate sheets are in less weight. Much reinforcement is not required to support the weight of the multiwall polycarbonate material.

These sheets are UV protected. It is one of the important advantages of polycarbonate sheets.


These sheets are highly flexible and it can be transformed into various shapes.

Sound barrier:

The polycarbonate sheets acts as a perfect sound barrier. It is one of the excellent features. It is suitable for the conference rooms and other places that need privacy.

Control infiltration:

It is used to control the infiltration of UV rays.

Weather Resistant:

It has the weather resistant property and it is used in both the home and office. In addition to the weather resistant, it is also a fire resistant.

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Industrial roofing


The industrial roofing requires the repair and maintenance. To carry out the repairs, the roof contract experts are hired. In this article the various types of maintenance, repairs required for industrial roofing are given. Keep those in mind while arranging repairs for your industrial structure.

Asbestos Services

In the industrial roofing, the asbestos can present. It your building contains asbestos, you need to remove it. You must hire a qualified contractor who deals with the asbestos.

Roof lights

The roof light maintenance will help to prolong the lifetime of your roof lights. It will reduce to replace the roof light soon. Make sure you will keep the roof light clean.


If the guttering on the industrial roofing becomes stopped up due to the gathering of debris, it will cause the collection of rainwater. This leads to corrosion of the building, cause leaks and structural damage. For this you need to clean the guttering regularly. This will avoid the problem.

Roof Sheeting

If you fail to maintain the roof sheets, it will be corroded and cause leaks. You must repair the roof sheets by a roof contractor specialized in industrial roofing. Purchase the best Roofing Sheets in Chennai to avoid more damages due to weather. The Metal Roofing Sheets can withstand in any type of weather conditions.

Polycarbonate Sheets

The polycarbonate sheets become more popular. They are very easy to install, durable, tough, cost-effective, wide variety, light transmission is high, ecofriendly and it requires less maintenance. Purchase the best Polycarbonate Sheets in Chennai to your industrial building.

Plastic Roofs

The roofing sheets are made up of high quality plastic. If you are in a tight budget, it is the cheapest option for you. There are various colors of plastic roofing sheets are available. You can choose the color based on your taste.  

Steel roofs

Steel roofing is also the best choice. It can last up to 30 years. It is resistant to all type of weather conditions.


You must choose the roof that suits your building. It must be within your budget and it must require less maintenance. It must be available in variety of colors.


Plastic roofing sheets

Plastic roofing sheets

Plastic Roofing Sheets will give more protection for the building. These sheets protect any roof from the weather damage. It can be suitable for both the cold and the warm climates. These roofing sheets are appropriate for the sheds, parking areas, garages and many other locations. Adding protection to the roof now can lead to big savings in the future.

Advantages of plastic roofing sheets

  • Low cost
  • Effective insulation of heat
  • Easy installation

Metal roofing sheets

People have various choices when it comes to the material they need to use on roof. For the roofing, the first and the best choice is the Metal Roofing Sheets. Most people prefer these types of roofing sheets. It is more expensive and also it is a great investment.

These can meet the requirements of any roof. Insulation with this type of roof is great as the warm air is kept in during the cold winter months. During the summer season, the cool air can be trapped. The plastic roofing sheets do not warm up too quickly or too slowly. They are ideal for many building projects.

This type of roofing sheets is suitable for the people who need to improve their home without getting help from others. These sheets are easy to install and it can be cut with tooth saw and heavy duty scissors. By comparing the plastic roofing sheets, the polycarbonate sheets block the UV rays. It will also reduce the amount of light passes through it. They are durable, require low maintenance and cost effective.

If someone knows the measurements of plastic roofing sheet, they can purchase the custom cut online. They are less weight and it is also easy to install. The consumers will find these sheets that are fit with the design of the home, living space, office and garage.

There are many different types of roofing sheets exist. It comprises Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets and JSW Roofing Sheets. The customer can choose the roofing sheets based on their requirements and the budget.


Polycarbonate roofs are getting popular

Polycarbonate roofs are getting popular

The polycarbonate roofs are better than various types of roofs. These are suitable for both the residential and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Polycarbonate roofs

Easy installation

Polycarbonate roofs are very easy to install. When compared to the conventional roofs, the polycarbonate roofs are less weight. Due to this the walls don’t get high pressure. During the installation process, these Polycarbonate Sheets are moved and lifted easily. Cutting and drilling the panels is very simple. The polycarbonate sheets are in the form of big sheets and it will take less time to get installed.

Durable and tough

The polycarbonate roofing sheets are stronger than the ordinary fiberglass panels. It can withstand the tough weather conditions. They are high resistant and also restore their condition for long time.

Excellent insulation

Polycarbonate roofing sheets offer insulation. It will keep the place cool in summer and also warm in the winter season. It is one of the great benefits of the polycarbonate sheets. In the case of other roofing sheets, you have to get insulation materials additionally. It will cost high amount of money. This will not happens in the case of polycarbonate sheets.


The polycarbonate roofing sheets are economical and less expensive than the other conventional roofs. You can save additional cost during installation. In day time, it allows the light penetration. There is no need to turn on the electric bulbs during the day time. It will save certain amount on your energy bills.

Wide variety

These sheets are available in various types of styles and colors. The corrugated sheets are the most popular types. For your house or office, you can choose any style. It is compatible with the all types of designs and styles.

Aesthetically appealing

Due to the co-extruded UV protection layer, the roof retains its beauty for many years. The clarity also remains perfect for a long time. It looks very beautiful.

To know Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai, contact the best roofing sheet dealers and suppliers. Most of the houses have the Metal Roofing in Chennai. Choose the roofing sheet based on your budget and requirements.


Differences of Commercial and Residential roofing

Differences of Commercial and Residential roofing

Both the residential and the commercial roofing are used for the same purpose. There are various types of styles and designs are available.

We know the difference in architectural designs of a typical housing building and commercial building. The design pattern of the roofs can also vary. The two different roofing categories are intended to facilitate the specific requirements of these building designs.

Apart from the design of the roofing structure, the size of the roofing also plays an important role. To be working the residential roofing needs only a few members on the job and the commercial roofing requires an entire crew to be working together.

When compared to the commercial building, the residential roofing has less number of protrusions. The residential houses would be expected to have one protrusion for a single chimney. The commercial buildings have the projections and the lips for everything including smoke stacks, mechanical wirings, ventilation systems, skylights, pipes and roof entrances.

The construction agent must select the roofing material for commercial building based on the specifications. In the residential houses, the important specifications are durability, maintenance and appearance.

Due these factors, the small roof builders consider the commercial roofing as difficult job. The commercial roofing contracts come with more number of specifications. The small builders hesitate that they don’t have sufficient manpower and handle the tools necessary for the purpose.

The commercial builder can make the roofing for the commercial building. The complications are easily avoided in the case of residential roofing.

These are the basic differences between the both residential and commercial roofing. The small and the large businesses need a company that provides the commercial roofing service that will not interfere with the consistent business.

Some roofing companies offer the special service for the commercial property. There are various types of roofing to select for your commercial building. It can be depends on the slope of your roof, weather conditions of your area and the cost.

Enquire more companies regarding the Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai. There are variety of roofing sheets are available including Metal Roofing Sheets, JSW Roofing Sheets, Color Roofing Sheet, Steel Roofing Sheets and Polycarbonate Sheets. You may select the roofing sheets based on your requirements and budget.

metal roof problems

Five common roof problems

Five common roof problems

At some time, your roofing system will get some damage. Some of the reasons are given as follows.

Weather related problems

Roof leaks may happen due to the tough weather. It can also due to the improper installation of the roofs. It also causes due to moisture installation not done properly. Buy the high quality Roofing Sheets in Chennai.

Improper installation of flashing

It does not only cause leaks. It will also leads to blow offs and various other roofing issues. If the roof’s flashing is not installed in a proper way, it causes open seams and laps. If the seams are not properly installed, the wind resistance will be reduced. Install JSW Roofing Sheets and Polycarbonate Sheets in your home.  

Poor Installation

When the roof is not installed properly, it will create more damages. The common problem related to the poor installation would be the unsatisfactory workmanship of the installer. There are a lot of steps are to be followed in the installation of roof. The roof installers must relax the roof sheets before installing. Materials must be prepared properly to ensure the quality installation. Make sure the roofers are experienced of their job to avoid any defective installation.

Lack of Maintenance

Roofing systems must always be sustained frequently. But due to time constraints, and many other reasons particularly financial issues and business continuity, the maintenance of your roof might be abandoned totally.

You must train yourself about roofing system. When you are knowledgeable about roofing structures, roof problems will be reduced.

Continuously do regular inspections and you just have to know the clear signs which could be a sign of a roofing problem. The key to maximizing your roof life is to detect small problems earlier and prevent it from falling.

Improper Repairs

When proprietors attempt to fix problems on their own, or when your employed roofer is using sub-par tools and those not scheduled for precise roof types, it might effect in an everlasting damage to your roof. Minor problems will get worse because of inappropriate maintenances.

So, once you notice any roofing problem, the greatest thing to do is to contact your roofer and let them evaluate the condition. The repair products to be used should be in line with the manufacturer’s orders to make sure proper use.


Metal roofing is the modern solution to the roofing problems

Metal roofing is the modern solution to the roofing problems

The truth about modern JSW Roofing Sheets is really different. The metal roofing is comprised of concrete coated steel panels. It is available in various colors and styles. If is different from the other types of roofing sheets. The metal roofing has many advantages over the other materials.

One Roof, Two Jobs

Every roof has two main critical jobs. One job is to keep the weather out. Most of the roofing products are manufactured to do this job. The other job of the roofing sheet is to conserve the energy in a home.

The hot summer months can differentiate the various roofing materials. The flat roofs can conduct the heat from the sun and it will increase the temperature inside the house.

Green Roofing Materials

The metal roofing has more traditional materials that provide less damage to the environment. The steel roof can be recycled.

Cost of the roofing

The metal roofing sheets costs low. The metal roof can last as long as 50 years. It can also withstand the tough weather conditions.

Installing a new roof to your home gives a great look to your home. It can withstand the natural elements like rain, high winds and snow. The charming roof can improve the value of the property. Roofing Sheet Prices in Chennai are comparatively lower than the other places.

Roofing types

There are various types of roofing sheets are available. The most commonly used roofing includes JSW Roofing Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets, Color Roofing Sheet and Steel Roofing Sheets.

The dark color roofing absorbs the sun light and the light color roofing reflects the sun light. Metal roofs are available in various types. It includes steel, copper and aluminum. Copper roofing is costly and it needs only less maintenance. It can be lasts for 100 years. Aluminum is cheaper than the copper. It is not as cheap as steel.

The steel roofing is most economical among the metal roofing. The only drawback is it will get rust after sometime. It also needs a lot of maintenance.

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