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A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles distinguished by its high resistance and longevity. It is the component of the building envelope. Zin, copper and steel alloys are commonly used. The best way to know the metal roofing sheets is the good match for you is to consider some of the most common reasons people decide to buy.


Metal roofing sheets consists of variety of materials. The following materials are used in any one of the roofing requirements.

A mixture of zinc, steel and aluminum coated with silicon.

During harsh conditions stainless steel materials are used mostly and can make your home a unique look.

For metal roofing galvanized steel is used one of the most famous material. The material is shaped with zinc coating and are rolled in sheets that are corrugated.

Metal steel sheets are usually stone coated or painted metal sheets. These are also used to add some beautiful colors to the metal roof.

One of the oldest material that is used for metal roofing is copper. It have lots of benefits. It provides from the corrosion, durable and acts like a shielding against lightening and radio frequency.

The most durable metal aluminum is used in a roofing technology. These roofs can withstand more than 50 years. These roofs are light weighted and have natural reflectivity.


The metals are quite flexible and have long lasting power that are used in building metal roofing. They are used for different types of buildings like industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural. To fulfill any building requirements you can choose the variety of styles and profiles that are available. To create a better look of the building, shapes and colors of the metal roofing sheets are used. It can create a great impression and greatly increase the value of the building.

Make sure that you selecting the roof runs for a long time and have numerous benefits. Just know more about the roof before selecting the best one.

metal roofing sheet


Steel roofs can withstand at least for long years and it protects from the weather and outdoor conditions.  Steel roofing sheets are the best upgrades to your home you can try it out. Before buying the roof we have to know the complete benefits then only we can choose the right one.


It consists of all architectural styles like curved shapes, flat shapes, traditional or modern shapes. Beyond the inner qualities they are separated by their technical parts like stretch, stress of physical forces, strength, withstanding of fire, moisture, acoustic and heat comfort having solutions to any specific needs.

Thanks to the multiple functions, the steel qualifies designers to answer the most top properties like profiled panels, sandwich panels, covered with tiles and tray.

The modular design offers a real advantage when the installation takes place in both construction and re decoration.

Very strong and the maintenance will be easy and it abled to be recycled.

The steel deck go along with a different range of finishing accessories such as downpipes, gutters, edge finishing and flashings.


Roofing sheets

Corrugated steel roofs

Stone coated steel roofing

Steel shingles

Installing of metal roofing



If you want to prevent the roof leaks then you have to cover the roof for every two years. The coating must suits your climatic conditions. You can use white layers in warmer climate it will reflect the heat and grey layer in colder climate to absorb heat. Before applying the layer you should know about the temperature. The outside temperature should be below 10 degree Celsius.


Check the roofs every month whether there is any cracks or holes within the roof because in the high winds, the seams between sheets of steel can break. Spatula is used to remove the loose roof coatings. Headliner is used here to cover the sewing. Split seam must be attached with the glass fabric of the membrane. For at least 2 inches overlap the seam.


It requires some safety precautions. When compared to the other types of roofs these roofs are more slippery if they are covered with moss, ice or water. It is very important to see the safety precautions during the cleaning process. So keep those tips in your mind before selecting the steel roof for your home.

Why should you use Polycarbonate sheet for your home?

Home is the place where you can have spent most of the time in a day or you can have spent a quality time in your home after coming back from your workplace. So, your home should be neat and clean and most comfortable place for you. It’s your responsibility to look after the condition of your house in a daily basis. You should renovate your home after a certain time interval. Roofing, flooring is now very common and important aspect for renovate your home. If you are looking for roofing, then polycarbonate sheet should be your primary choice.

Polycarbonate sheet is transparent channelled sheets used in amalgamation with steel sheets or as it is to allow natural lighting to pass through the roof. It is an ecological and environment-friendly global product. This sheet is specially designed for home and office use purpose. In a solid compact sheet, light transmission is 40% to 72% in embossed and 40% to 90 %. Polycarbonate is a resilient and hard thermoplastic which is virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are uniquely popular with patios and conservatories. If you are planning for any roofing for your house or office, then Roofing Sheets in Chennai can help you to find out best place to purchase your product. Polycarbonate sheets price is very less than other materials. That’s why people are choosing it as a best option for them. Polycarbonate is a colourless, clear plastic material which can easily replace glass. Because of its multipurpose use, the number of suppliers increase with time.

Affordable: when we talk about multiple use, security purpose then Polycarbonate Sheets are considering as more affordable material. This sheets are also available in competitive price.

Durability: polycarbonate sheets are long term solution. These are very environment friendly. They can be used for many purpose because of its durability, they can use in any season.



  1. Unbreakable
  2. UV protected
  3. Affordable
  4. Durability
  5. Lightweight
  6. L-shape
  7. Versatility

Polycarbonate sheet is  unbreakable, less weight, easy to install material. These kind of sheets are mainly use to build green house. This sheets can last for year after year without any fading or staining.




Stain steel a great choice for industries

Since its discovery early in the 20th-century stainless steel has become an ideal in companies and industries, stainless steel is often used in the paper the paper, food industry, and pulp industry, oil, marine industry, and gas industry, etc. It is because of stainless steel, that it makes these businesses remarkably strong using the round bar, bright bar, square bar, flat bar, threaded bar, black bar, hexagonal bar, etc. It is proven in chemical experiments that the result we provide is clean, good, and well refined.
Stainless steel has assigned to a sustainable solution for the person as per there conditions. Chemicals (molybdenum, Chromium, carbon, silicon, nickel, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus) used in stainless steel offers stainless steel the common widely used materials for building. Stainless steel products perform an effective and important role in businesses. One of the major highlights of the Indian market is switching social and living practices.
Lastly, stainless steel features like corrosion resistance, clean ability, durability, heat resistance, strength, and economy have driven to its agreement to countless enterprises applications. Super Metal gives steel solids to a variety of steel quality levels, including bearing, aircraft, electric furnace, Para premium, and commercial. Polycarbonate Sheets in Chennai is becoming frequently successful and more generally used steels for manufacturing purpose.
Advantages of Stainless Steel – Lower Total Life Cycle Cost, Fire and Heat Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Aesthetic Appearance, Hygiene, and Strength-To-Weight Advantage. Some Specific Test on Request of Clients – Vibration Test, Temperature Test, Pressure Cycle Test, and Pneumatic/Gas Test.
One of the different characteristics of this metal is that it can be recycled and reused which presents them environment-friendly. jsw steel dealers in Chennai is also named as ‘Wonder Metal’ because of its numerous unique features like weld ability, low maintenance, heat resistance, durability, dexterity, strength, good corrosion resistance. These features make it a perfect material for many purposes for usage in different sectors. One can actually reveal, how from the start of our day till its end, Stainless steel affects our lives in so many complex ways!

Steel roofing sheets

What are the reasons to use the metal roofing sheets?

There are many factors to consider namely in learning to install the metal roofing sheets or more about domestic metal roofing purposes while selecting on the installing standing seam roofing and it is not only practical looks of the job. Visual and the aesthetics which used to appeal the roof with the house are also considered to be very important.
Not only do roofing surfaces transform the aesthetics which depends based on the coating or material that used to choose during the installation of the metal roof and it is common to get either more or fewer years of assistance from it.
Color roofing sheet has achieved a lot of reputation in the industrial sectors. Apart from commercial practice, businesses have commenced practicing it in both residential and retail projects. There is the persuading persistence behind the engineers to intimate the shaded metal material.
Development is estimated to be 15-20% which indicate that an industry came into India with the remarkable mission of obtaining the idea of metal sheet material reliable and adjusting the picture so it strikes up support as a top-notch material selection.
From a circumstance in which metal material gathered pictures of roofing sheets which put over the roofs, Indian development has taken the new-age metal roof top position. The market measure for shaded metal has increased from 45,000 tonnes for each year to around 2,00,000 tonnes for each year in a limited volume to focus a couple of years.
Main reasons for choosing the metal roofs include they are solid, tough, good adaptability, light and very simple to establish. This is the country where there is the most extreme complication. In spite of the point that it is slightly costly to preserve a metal rooftop, delivering it an expensive choice for homes, various variables execute it feasible for Indian climate.
They give security, a modern look and a long life prospect of more than 15-20 years. Metal roofing sheet price and the accessories are also relatively less costly when taken in accordance with other roofing materials

Roofing sheets in Chennai

What are the benefits of steel roofing sheets

Steel roofing sheets are the commonly used metal roofing sheets which are very comparable to the roof which is manufactured up of zinc, aluminum, terna etc. One of the major advantages of using sheets is lightweight and they are easy to install compared to the other conventional roofing sheets.
Due to the continuous technological progressions, roofing sheets are extensively sold in many variants which vary greatly in features, size, and function. Due to this, it is better to check precisely weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the specific type to help the customers in choosing the suitable type to pick. There are the popular types of roofing sheets that help the customer to closely evaluate.
One of the important features and benefits of steel roofing sheets is they are durable in various weather conditions.
Metal Roofing sheets can be practiced in both industrial and residential roofing purposes. Metal Roofing Sheets are used in a comprehensive nature of climates due to its capacity to withstand the innumerable weather conditions. These roofing sheets can endure wind drives up to 120 miles per hour and resists suffering from critical climate variations because of its nonporous structure.
Sheet metal and metal roofing materials have shared many associations as they are both built from a metallic coated, leading quality, sheet steel products. These roofing products usually come with pre-painted and also it extends corrosion protection while at the same point it used to advances the aesthetics of the product. Each component of the steel sheet are available in various types namely steel core, metallic coating, and organic coating and it is essential to the service growth of the finished product. There are wide varieties of steel qualities and coatings are possible which afford flexibility in picking the suitable material to appropriate the expected environmental requirements and budget.
Color roofing sheet would not crack, warp, lift or not and also it has the other advantages such as they are very strong and it has an appreciative look. They are installed in the shorter time due to the fabricated interlock able parts which would provide the better finishing look.

color roofing

Roofing Sheet – Modern Construction Material

People give more importance to their house because most of them think of it as their lifetime achievement. They yearn for and save money on building a house for a long time and in our country, a perfect home can be considered a man’s masterpiece. He/She will concentrate on each and every part of the building and he wishes to have first-class quality products for his home from top to bottom. He/She wants his house to last for a long period so that his children and his children’s children will live a safe and secure life in that house. As our people take a building as most important and emotional part of their life, it is more important to the manufacturing companies of the construction products to produce good quality and more durable products to fulfill them.

Crayon Roofings focuses on the roof part. Though there are many forms of roofs, today in this modern world, metal and color roofing sheets are more popular and are setting a trend in the constructing field. Our products are light in weight and last for a long time. They are easy to carry and fix so that the labor cost, as well as the maintenance cost, will be low. We supply color roofing sheets in various colors which give an attractive look to the entire building. We deliver metal roofing sheets for both residential and commercial purpose. Our customers are happy with our products and service as our products are better than others and also are more convenient for them regarding the price.

color coated roofing sheet

Usage of Roof in Construction

If one focussing on constructing the home, it should be his dream home which is made entirely by his own ideas and wishes. The main thing which gives a complete shape to a building is its roof. There are various types of roofs. Each type gave a different look to the building. The roof also acts as a protective shield to the building which saves the building as well as the people living inside the building from all natural calamities. Though there are many forms of the roof made of different material, metal roofing sheet is used prominently in this modern world because of its durability and simplicity. It gives a classy as well as a rich and modern look to the building.

Our company is well known for our metal roofing sheets which are of best quality while comparing with other company products. We prefer first quality metals like steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc to produce our metal sheet. We also manufacture color roofing sheets with attractive colors and also the preferred colors of the buyers are also delivered on the order placed by them. We give several coating of color to the color proofing sheet as it can withstand all climatic conditions. Our roofing sheets will give life to a building for more than twenty years. These sheets are easy to carry and install and it can also be recycled.


What are Roofing used for?

In this modern world, steel and aluminum sheets are used as it is low in cost and maintenance. These metal sheets are available in various colors and models as it can fulfill the needs and taste of every customer. Color roofing sheets have the variety of colors and the preferred colors are delivered on the orders placed by the customers. The colors used in the color roofing sheets are made of high-quality paints and are given several coatings as it can be durable for a long period of time. Nowadays, stone coatings are given on the metal sheets so that it can give a completely different look for the building.

Metal sheets which have finished wood works are also available in the market so that the buyer can fulfill his dream in low cost and maintenance. Not only the customers but the architects also prefer metal roofing sheets as it can be fixed in the preferred shape and structure easily when compared to another type of roofing. Polycarbonate roofing sheet is other types of sheets which are transparent as glass but are not as fragile as glass. It is also a form of metal roof. It can bring a clear vision of the sky and nature into the building and it is favored by all nature loving people. Before buying a roofing material, one should be aware of his own budget and the durability and quality of the roofing sheets which he is about to buy. This is because the roof cannot be repaired and rebuilt often as it should be the strongest part of the building.

JSW image

Description for JSW and Metal Roofing sheets

JSW roofing sheets are also available in various colors. JSW roofing sheets are coated with high-quality colors with thickness so that it may last for a long period of time. These colors will fight against all climatic conditions and it is also resistant to heat. They are light in weight and is easy to use. These roofing sheets are also designed like the Spanish tiles and it gives a new and classy look to a building in low cost and labor. The polycarbonate sheets are also the most available sheets which are lighter than a glass sheet used for construction. But it is wont fragile and gives long durability. Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and give a clear view of nature. It gives a rich look and makes the people feel and experience the nature. It is most likable for nature lovers.

Metal roofing sheets help the architect to design his building in his preferred shape and model as the roofing sheets can be welded and form in any shape as per the dream of an architect or the customer. The materials used to manufacture the metal roofing sheets are zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel. The most preferable types of metal roofing sheets are PPGL and PPGI. Taste and dream of a customer differ from each other when it comes to their dream home or other building. These metal roofing sheets fulfill their needs. The designs and patterns on the metal roofing sheets can be converted according to the need of the costumes.