The Best Color That Matches Your Roof

Nowadays, Roofing Sheets has become popular in western countries and also in some big cities in India. 

It may be our House, Company (or) your car shed, we all need a quality roof sheet that lasts for years without any repairs.

There are many types of roof sheets available with high-quality, but color coated roof sheets are the only ones that will match your expected quality and your house color at the same time. Yes! Color coated sheets are available in a variety of colors. 

Materials Used in Color Coated Roof sheets:

Color coated roof sheets use stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin as the base material for construction. 

Coloring elements for these sheets: For coloring Plastisol, Silicone Polyester.

Advantages of Color Coated Roof Sheets


jsw colour coated sheets can withstand all weather conditions and climate change. It will last for more than 50 years without any repair. These types of sheets are in high demand in the construction industry. 

UV Resistance

The Chemical added in a color roof sheet is a polyvinyl chloride type of thermoplastic. It can protect you from Harmful rays and dust pollution. 

Light in weight

The color coated sheets are coated with many chemicals, but still, this sheet remains very less in weight. Due to less weight, this type of sheet can be installed effortlessly in houses, and It does not produce more pressure on walls.

Shines for a Long Time

There are a lot of chemicals added in the color coated roof sheet to make it shine for the long term. Silicon Polyester and Plastisol are the two main coating chemicals used to color this type of sheet, which can prevent corrosion. Specks of dust and scratches can not outbreak the shininess of the Sheet.


The colors will not allow the heat to pass through it and so the sheet is a low heat conductivity. The colors allow an adequate amount of air and keep the house cool. 


Is it Cost-efficient?

The color coated sheets are in extraordinary demand, due to this colour coated roofing sheets price may see a dramatic change in the upcoming years( In 2020, the color coated sheet price in Western countries has escalated too high when compared to the past decade )

But at present, this type of sheet is cost-efficient in the Indian Market. 

Shield your place with the Best Roofing Sheet.

Choosing the right dealer for the color coated sheet will make your place stunning.

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