If you live in a tropical climate, clearly you realize how important it is to depend on energy to save you from the all-pervasive heat. Then again you must also be close with the large figures on the energy bills that make you heart miss a beat and desperate calculations are done on paper, in the head, or, trying to manage your fiscal deficit. Roofing sheet is always used to cover the building from the heavy temperature. But here Cool roofing system is also preferred for hot regions.

These functions have paired functions to perform. Many peoples spot to metallic roofs to capitalize on the reflective surface. However what they do not know is that the metal does not reflect infra-red back to the sky.

A cool roofing system make sure, ideally, a negligible heat gain, reflection of UV and infra-red back in to the atmosphere, and a lowered and more habitable environment through reduced use of CO2 spewing air conditioners. Different approaches exist to this effect- one select one, or a combination of many different methods.


Inherently reflective vinyl roofs, with big reflectance and emittance measurements, can reflect 70-80% of the sun rays and prevent radiation gain by a building. Compare it to the poor 6-26% reflection of the asphalt, the benefit become clearer.


Put in solar reflective coating to an existing surface is another option. The cool roofs rating council website has data on many products in the market. For a high tensile strength you can select jsw colour coated sheet are available from us in different designs.


Many countries have experimented with different plans when it comes to a green roof. Green roof is also known as Polycarbonate roof. Based on the requirements polycarbonate sheet price in Chennai have affordable ranges. The benefit of such a strategy are improved air quality, good insulation, cool circumstances, and unique eco system.

Government across the globe are involved in developing Cool roofing systems to reduce their carbon footprint, save energy costs and demand, and to nudge the exhausting environmental sustenance to life.

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