Copper roofing

Copper is a premium roofing material. To get a permanent roofing solution, one can prefer copper roofing. It cost you more than any roofing materials. But the copper roofing has numerous advantages and it requires very less maintenance after the installation.

Elegant look

Copper Roofing Sheets will give elegant look to your building. It doesn’t require any maintenance. It also weights less and it is fire resistant.

Based on the design, the copper roof has many possible appearances.  It is anti-microbial and kills off the mould that accumulates on roof. It is eco-friendly and the copper can be recycled.


Copper can be used in roofing sheet in 3 ways. It is used as a panel, tile or roofing sheet. It is fairly expensive to transport. Panels are compromise between sheet and tile. It is favored by architects and the appearance is same.

Tiles are said to be more traditional form of copper roofing. It is preferred because it is light weight. It is considered as the big investment and it is cost effective.

Installation process is very challenging. To install the roof, you need to choose the experienced people. Copper is a natural material and it does not corrode or rust. It also does not require repainting or refinishing. It is mostly preferable for the residential buildings.  

Metal roofing

If you need to purchase the roofing sheet within your budget, you can prefer other types of Metal Roofing Sheets. It also doesn’t require more maintenance. Installation process is very easy. It can be suitable for both the commercial and residential structures.

The metal roofing sheets can lasts longer than 50 years. It can also withstand in any type of tough weather conditions.

Types of metal roofing sheets


It can be recycled and it can be shaped and curved to accommodate various styles and designs.

Stainless Steel

It is highly corrosion resistant and rust resistant.


It is very affordable and it has natural corrosion resistant property. It can be formed into different shapes and designs.


Zinc can heal itself and reseals if it suffers any scratches. It is also a natural metal.

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