Color roofing sheet


Roofing sheets play a major role in the field of Civil Industry. Roofing Sheets are essential for every house owners all over the world. Colored roofing sheets are highly used for pre-engineered applications. These have a wide range of applications for traditional and commercial purposes. Color roofing sheet is generally seen in many places like restaurants, offices, car parking sheds, go-downs, garages and few more. These color coated roofing sheets are beneficial for business and residential purposes because it has high corrosion resistance, durability, and flexibility. Many of the house owners prefer this type of sheets due to its thermal weather conditions.

There is a huge technological development in this field. With respect to their development, there are varieties of designs available in color coated roofing sheets. Newer technology introduces a wide variety of different sheet metals. Different types of steel metals like aluminum, copper zinc, tin and few more are available with us. We offer the best roofing sheets in Chennai.

Our proper installation of roofing sheets will be last long as sealing out water, extant high winds, and the building. Metal sheets from Crayon have resistant to decay, fungus, bugs, and fire. We offer the warranty on our products more than 20 years. We glad to inform you that we also offer the warranty on paint finished roofs.

When it comes to colored roofing sheets generally silver color is coated. But we offer you some attractive colors like brick red, navy blue, sky blue, bottle green and few more colors are also available with us. These metal sheets are lightweight and easy installation when compared to another type of sheets. These color coated roofing sheets are available with double skin steel cladding, corrugated sheets, alloy sheets, sheets coated with some materials like stainless steel and polyester. This type of sheets is very useful for covering the walls of commercial buildings and some factories. Some of the advantages of using colored roofing sheets are very simple to install, requiring less maintenance, avoids rust and corrosion, attractive in color and avoids dangerous rays like UV rays and infrared rays. The main fact is that it won’t absorb sunlight and makes your house cool and pleasant.

A Metal roof can withstand its life without decomposing and be detreating under difficult weather conditions. Among the wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns we assure you that no individual gets disappointed and we offer you the best to make it lifelong beautiful with affordable price and satisfied customer result.


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