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Roofing sheets are one of the essential components for a space which protects us from external factors like dust, rain, sun, and other natural calamities. It is also an undeniable fact that roofing sheets not only protects but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your house or workplace. We at Crayon Roofing, offer the best metal roofing in Chennai for our clients to meet the construction needs of today’s world as these sheets are versatile in many ways. Generally, it is seen that metal roofing sheets are preferred over other types of roofing sheets because they are less expensive. Not only that, metal roofings require less maintenance and are available in various colors which makes it an ideal solution for customers to choose as per their desire.

At Crayon Roofing we offer roofing sheets of a wide variety which includes JSW colour coated sheets, steel roofing sheets, color roofing sheets, and even the roofing accessories, so that our customers can choose the right one for their house or workplace. Our roofing sheets, be it a metal or polycarbonate, are made from high-quality raw materials, which makes them stand against the time. In general, metal roofing sheets have high resistance against the corrosion which makes our sheets liable to less maintenance and minimum repairs. Hence, our metal roofings can be an ideal solution in terms of price and need not spend much to keep them up. We are one among the reputed suppliers in roofing sheets who offer an affordable JSW colour coated sheets price list to our customers so that they gain high-quality products at an affordable price.

Metal Roofing Sheets offer many style and color choices and you can pick those that suit your requirements. You have one more benefit by purchasing these sheets. They efficiently reflect the sunlight and do not let the heat inside your house. Therefore, it keeps the insides of your house cool.

We introduced many designs and various patterns in Color roofing sheets and customers are happy and satisfied in using it. There are more advantages to getting this from a JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai. It is thin and light in weight as it can be carried easily. It is flexible and is used for a long time. It is easy to install and is recyclable. It has heavy loading capacity, and also water resistance and low heat conducting capacity. Because of these reasons, it is comfortable for all types of people who use it. Moreover, our colour roofing sheet price is much less than others in the market and its attractive look is admired by all age groups of this modern age.

Crayon Roofings also offers our customers the facility to customize the steel roofing's sheets as per their desired patterns and designs which suits their house or business place. All our steel roofing sheets are coated with suitable solutions which makes them to withstand all the climatic changes and boosts its durability. These roofings are galvanized which comprises of aluminium, silicon, and iron which makes them resistive against corrosion, precipitation, temperature, and related factors. The metal roofing sheet should have the best accessories to hold everything in place. Therefore, get high quality purlins from Crayon Roofings- The best z purlin manufacturers.

Jsw Colour Coated Sheets

JSW Colour Coated sheets are a product line that combines the strength of steel, the beauty of paint, and increased corrosion resistance in an unbeatable package. JSW Colouron (Colour coated galvanised sheets) and JSW Colouron Plus (55% aluminium-zinc alloy colour coated steel sheets) are the brands of pre-painted corrugated sheets and profiles. Regular Modified Polyester, Silicone Modified Polyester, Super Durable Polyester, Poly Vinylidene Fluoride, and Vinyl Coated Metal are among the paint systems available for our pre-painted products. We ensure that our product is of the highest quality possible by utilising cutting-edge technology, which includes the first appliance grade manufacturing line for colour coated products in India. The top and bottom surfaces of the base metal have the first layer of primer coating for superior adhesion with the toxin-free paint system. The final paint coating protects the paint from harsh weather conditions and other factors that affect its longevity. Even during heavy forming operations, the superior coating technology is designed to resist cracking and peeling. JSW Colouron and JSW Colouron Plus have a long life and are recyclable if eventually replaced due to all of these factors.

Metal Roofing Sheets

A metal roof is a roofing system composed of metal pieces or tiles that exhibit corrosion resistance, water impermeability, and long life. It is part of the building envelope. The metal pieces could cover a non-waterproof structural roof or self-supporting sheets. Metal roofing sheets have excellent insulating properties and can be used to build backyards, garden structures, garages, house cladding, and industrial roofs. Metal roofing sheets resist high winds, snow, hail, heavy rains, and fire. They won't rot, crack, split, or break easily.

Steel Roofing Sheets

Steel roofing sheets are more weather-resistant than conventional roofing materials, including cracking and leakage. Maintenance-free/requires less maintenance - These sheets require less maintenance than traditional roofing.

Color Palette

Metal Roofing Sheet Specification


A Metal roof can withstand without decomposing and deterioting under all weather conditions. with wide variety of colors, styles and patterns no individual is disappointed, the colors in our Jsw Colour Coated Sheets don’t fade making it beautiful for life long

Metal Roofing Layer Diagram

Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Combination  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  99.5%ZN
 Coating Std  AS 1397 – 93  AS 1397 – 93  AS per is 277
 Material  Bare Galvalume – ASTM A792M  BGL & CCGL  C.C.Galvanized
 Coating Mass  AZ 150 gsm  120 gsm /  90-120 gsm
 Nominal Thickness (TCT)  0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
AS/NZS – 1365-96
 0.40TCT, 0.47TCT,
0.50TCT & 0.54TCT
 0.30TCT, 0.35TCT,
0.40TCT, 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
 Yield Strength  550 Mpa  550 Mpa  300 & 550 Mpa
 Paint  —-  Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system
 Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system

Metal Roofing Sheets Application

Boundary Protection
Industrial Gates
Wall cladding
Factory building/ Industrial shed
Roof Top Terrace


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    JSW Steel has licensed Galvalume in India. It is the very first company to do so. Galvalume Products resist high levels of corrosion when compared with other types of coating in the industry. It makes the roof durable and can endure the test of time.

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    The Anti-corrosion technology present in the coating prevents the steel from corrosion and prolongs the life of the material.

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    ISI Approved Products:

    JSW Steel products are the first ISI certified colour-coated sheets. This reputation is because of its unwavering commitment to selling quality products to its customers.

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    Optimum Temperature Management:

    The roofing system has a layer of coating that prevents heat from seeping into the house. Therefore, the interior of the house is always cool.

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    The product is manufactured with Pure steel that is light-weight and has extraordinary tensile strength. The strength of the material ranges from 550 mpa and 770 mpa to be strong enough to fit the needs of distinct projects.