Eco-Friendly Roofings


In contemporary times, most of the factories use roofing sheets to provide an effective work environment for their workforce. Roofing sheet is used in the construction of building it might commercial or residential, in accordance with the building preference, type of roof is picked.


  • POLYCARBONATE ROOFING: This type of roofing guarantees the stability, durable, anti-corrosion, ability to resist bad temperature and this is also easy to install & maintain. It comes with the UV protection layer and this act as a weather resistant. Due to its transparency, it can be used in the workplace where the natural light is required. Polycarbonate sheets are light in weight and so it is also easy to clean it up and handle.
  • METAL ROOFING: Comparatively, metal roofing sheets are the best kind of roofing the main reason to say this as best is it has reflectiveness and gives a feature to act against the hazardous of weather. The metallic structure will extend the lifespan and keep sheets away from the breakage problems.
  • COLOURED METAL ROOFING: This is as same as the metal roofing the thing is it comes with the color coat. The huge range of colors is available for coating the metal. The thickness of metal roofing will come around 0.40 mm TCT- 0.50 mm TCT. The color coating depends on the buyer’s choice. The roofing sheets are manufactured from zinc/ aluminum alloy coating. Color roofing sheet is mostly used in gardening and other places where the attractiveness is much needed. It requires low maintenance cost.
  • PLASTIC ROOFING: This is cheapest among all the other types of roofing, in the case of unaffordable to metal roofing people go with the plastic roofing which is merely available in low cost. Installation is way easier than the metal roofing. This is suitable for the places like shed, garage, terrace, where the need is only to prevent things from the climate conditions. Though it is cheaper, roofing sheets are manufactured from the high standard plastics.
  • CORRUGATED ROOFING: The corrugated roofs are made from the aluminum, stainless steel, plastic steel and galvanized steel. The corrugated steel roofing sheets are demand in the market it comes with the huge range of colors and size. This roof is thicker than all the other roofs. It is designed in the form of wave look that gives a stronger capability to resist molests.

It is highly suggested to go with the metal roofing sheets for its reliability.

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