Differences of Commercial and Residential roofing


Differences of Commercial and Residential roofing

Both the residential and the commercial roofing are used for the same purpose. There are various types of styles and designs are available.

We know the difference in architectural designs of a typical housing building and commercial building. The design pattern of the roofs can also vary. The two different roofing categories are intended to facilitate the specific requirements of these building designs.

Apart from the design of the roofing structure, the size of the roofing also plays an important role. To be working the residential roofing needs only a few members on the job and the commercial roofing requires an entire crew to be working together.

When compared to the commercial building, the residential roofing has less number of protrusions. The residential houses would be expected to have one protrusion for a single chimney. The commercial buildings have the projections and the lips for everything including smoke stacks, mechanical wirings, ventilation systems, skylights, pipes and roof entrances.

The construction agent must select the roofing material for commercial building based on the specifications. In the residential houses, the important specifications are durability, maintenance and appearance.

Due these factors, the small roof builders consider the commercial roofing as difficult job. The commercial roofing contracts come with more number of specifications. The small builders hesitate that they don’t have sufficient manpower and handle the tools necessary for the purpose.

The commercial builder can make the roofing for the commercial building. The complications are easily avoided in the case of residential roofing.

These are the basic differences between the both residential and commercial roofing. The small and the large businesses need a company that provides the commercial roofing service that will not interfere with the consistent business.

Some roofing companies offer the special service for the commercial property. There are various types of roofing to select for your commercial building. It can be depends on the slope of your roof, weather conditions of your area and the cost.

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