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Roofing Sheets in Chennai


How to choose the best quality roofing sheets?

Roofing Sheets are nothing but used to cover our building walls and structures which act as to cover the external structure. The name itself gives its definition it protects our roofing from any seasons. It is very easy to maintain and it is overall used for its durability. It has many forms of key components for manufacturing it as a good quality product for roofings such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc. We give some basic tips on what best qualities make roofing sheets,

Distinct and Superior

           Roofing sheets are manufactured largely as people are buying this product largely makes so, but customer’s believes or choosing the quality of roofing under their textures and designs. Modern-day technologies make impossible possible by imitating different designs that look like clay, stone or slate and so on When we see some of the extraordinary designs they preferred under these types of designs. So this gives a wide range of options for customers to prefer the choice which suits their requirements.

Protection from natural disasters

           Roofing should protect from natural calamities such as fire, earthquakes, and hail. For instance for client’s we give some of the best choices to prefer under these conditions, i.e. Steel acts a non-combustible and so it can withstand an earthquake. And likewise from hailstorms protection prefer stone-coated roofs. This like every different roofing sheets has its advantage.

Easy installation

               The best part of the roofing sheet to install easily which saves our time and effort is steel plated roofing sheets as they are light weighted that nearly weighs around less than 1kg per square foot. And this best feature makes it easy to install. Besides this, it reduces the stress on framing the roof. All in all a roofing sheet should be perfect alternate when about to renovate in older buildings if not proper roof cover.


          The basic principle of a roofing sheet must be rustproof. Like we said every roofing sheet has its advantage likewise the same applies for the durability period. On accounting this the more the quality of your roofing sheets the more the durability period. Also, the sheet should have nature to withstand all seasons of weather and they should not break, curl, wrap or soak water and also should possess less maintenance.

These are the things you must ensure when you are buying with JSW Roofing sheet dealers in Chennai or any other steel roofing or whatever the type every roofing sheet should possess these qualities and also it should be ecofriendly.


color coated roofing sheet

Usage of Roof in Construction

If one focussing on constructing the home, it should be his dream home which is made entirely by his own ideas and wishes. The main thing which gives a complete shape to a building is its roof. There are various types of roofs. Each type gave a different look to the building. The roof also acts as a protective shield to the building which saves the building as well as the people living inside the building from all natural calamities. Though there are many forms of the roof made of different material, metal roofing sheet is used prominently in this modern world because of its durability and simplicity. It gives a classy as well as a rich and modern look to the building.

Our company is well known for our metal roofing sheets which are of best quality while comparing with other company products. We prefer first quality metals like steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc to produce our metal sheet. We also manufacture color roofing sheets with attractive colors and also the preferred colors of the buyers are also delivered on the order placed by them. We give several coating of color to the color proofing sheet as it can withstand all climatic conditions. Our roofing sheets will give life to a building for more than twenty years. These sheets are easy to carry and install and it can also be recycled.

Transparent roofing sheets

Nature of roofing sheets

The Metal Roofing Sheets are available in different colors that reflect the sun rays and keep our place cool. Zinc is said to be the durable and malleable material that comes under metal roofing. The malleability enables us to allow many roofing designs for commercial projects. Production of zinc takes less energy and it is energy efficient than copper or steel. Aluminium is also a light weighted material that allows for creativity with respect to the roofing designs. It is mostly recommended for the people near coastal areas due to the corrosion resistance property that is caused by the sea water.

Steel is the metal that is been used for the people who live in the areas that is prone to hurricanes and high wind. It helps to retain heat and is also resistant to fire. It is the recycled material in the world and it consists of many types of roofing. The galvanized steel is the most commonly used steel roofing. The zinc layer is used to avoid the corrosion. Galvalume steel uses aluminium and zinc for the protection. Weathering steel roofing sheets is most commonly used in the heavy steel industries. The usage of tin in the roofing industries has been reduced to a greater extent.


All about the Roofing Sheets

The roofing sheets in Chennai are being supplied by the company to the clients at an attractive price. There are many other elements such as snow guards, roof windows, ridge caps and many other connecting materials that are being widely used along with the roofing applications. The basic construction includes classic one, standard one with one eaves and tow eaves. Usually it comes with different shapes of domes and much more. The roofing sheet provides us with strong resistance for all type of weather conditions.

The roofing sheets are commonly accepted by the people all over the world owing to its high quality materials and it is said to be cheaper than other materials with respect to shape and size. The roof is tend to come along with the truss and the wooden plates. Truss is used for the construction where the proper ventilation is required during the rainy times. One can select the color that contrasts the color of the brick and makes our house to look good and gain attention. Certainly the color choices are limitless.

Roofing Sheets in Chennai

Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofing sheets

In the previous days, the metal roofing was considered the luxury and it could not be availed by all the home owners. But today, more people are interested to install the metal roof to their houses. Metal roofing is the perfect choice for the low pitched roofs. The metal sheets are sealed together and placed on the roof in the low pitched roofs. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using metal roofs. But if you chose the best Metal Roofing Sheets, you can fulfill your needs.

Low pitched Roofs

Metal roofing can be sustained in extreme weather. It has less weight, durable and non-combustible. This will add more advantage of using the metal roofing. It also comes in different metals like copper, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc. According to the weather and environment, one can choose the metal. Also according to the needs of building and wish of the owner, the metals can be colored to any shade. The Color Roofing Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheets are trending now. These metals can also be repainted based on your requirements.

Advantages of using low pitched roofs

Metal roofing is corrosion resistant and is durable. Also it is light weight, so it will not cause damage to inner material of the metal roof. If you install the metal roof, you cannot change it for more than 50 years. It also covered by warranty. Metal roofing costs high and it does not requires much maintenance. You can be free from worry if you install the metal roof. It is also pest resistant.

The low pitched roofs are mostly flat in shape. They have the lower slopes so that the water can sweep down easily. You need not worry in the rainy season about your metal roofs. It will not cause any damage to it.

Installation of the Low Pitched Metal Roof

The house owners must consult the professional contractors to install the low pitched metal roofs for their house. This will avoid the future complications like drainage problems and other installation problems.