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Metal Roofing in Chennai


How to choose the best quality roofing sheets?

Roofing Sheets are nothing but used to cover our building walls and structures which act as to cover the external structure. The name itself gives its definition it protects our roofing from any seasons. It is very easy to maintain and it is overall used for its durability. It has many forms of key components for manufacturing it as a good quality product for roofings such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc. We give some basic tips on what best qualities make roofing sheets,

Distinct and Superior

           Roofing sheets are manufactured largely as people are buying this product largely makes so, but customer’s believes or choosing the quality of roofing under their textures and designs. Modern-day technologies make impossible possible by imitating different designs that look like clay, stone or slate and so on When we see some of the extraordinary designs they preferred under these types of designs. So this gives a wide range of options for customers to prefer the choice which suits their requirements.

Protection from natural disasters

           Roofing should protect from natural calamities such as fire, earthquakes, and hail. For instance for client’s we give some of the best choices to prefer under these conditions, i.e. Steel acts a non-combustible and so it can withstand an earthquake. And likewise from hailstorms protection prefer stone-coated roofs. This like every different roofing sheets has its advantage.

Easy installation

               The best part of the roofing sheet to install easily which saves our time and effort is steel plated roofing sheets as they are light weighted that nearly weighs around less than 1kg per square foot. And this best feature makes it easy to install. Besides this, it reduces the stress on framing the roof. All in all a roofing sheet should be perfect alternate when about to renovate in older buildings if not proper roof cover.


          The basic principle of a roofing sheet must be rustproof. Like we said every roofing sheet has its advantage likewise the same applies for the durability period. On accounting this the more the quality of your roofing sheets the more the durability period. Also, the sheet should have nature to withstand all seasons of weather and they should not break, curl, wrap or soak water and also should possess less maintenance.

These are the things you must ensure when you are buying with JSW Roofing sheet dealers in Chennai or any other steel roofing or whatever the type every roofing sheet should possess these qualities and also it should be ecofriendly.


color roofing

Roofing Sheet – Modern Construction Material

People give more importance to their house because most of them think of it as their lifetime achievement. They yearn for and save money on building a house for a long time and in our country, a perfect home can be considered a man’s masterpiece. He/She will concentrate on each and every part of the building and he wishes to have first-class quality products for his home from top to bottom. He/She wants his house to last for a long period so that his children and his children’s children will live a safe and secure life in that house. As our people take a building as most important and emotional part of their life, it is more important to the manufacturing companies of the construction products to produce good quality and more durable products to fulfill them.

Crayon Roofings focuses on the roof part. Though there are many forms of roofs, today in this modern world, metal and color roofing sheets are more popular and are setting a trend in the constructing field. Our products are light in weight and last for a long time. They are easy to carry and fix so that the labor cost, as well as the maintenance cost, will be low. We supply color roofing sheets in various colors which give an attractive look to the entire building. We deliver metal roofing sheets for both residential and commercial purpose. Our customers are happy with our products and service as our products are better than others and also are more convenient for them regarding the price.

color coated roofing sheet

Usage of Roof in Construction

If one focussing on constructing the home, it should be his dream home which is made entirely by his own ideas and wishes. The main thing which gives a complete shape to a building is its roof. There are various types of roofs. Each type gave a different look to the building. The roof also acts as a protective shield to the building which saves the building as well as the people living inside the building from all natural calamities. Though there are many forms of the roof made of different material, metal roofing sheet is used prominently in this modern world because of its durability and simplicity. It gives a classy as well as a rich and modern look to the building.

Our company is well known for our metal roofing sheets which are of best quality while comparing with other company products. We prefer first quality metals like steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc to produce our metal sheet. We also manufacture color roofing sheets with attractive colors and also the preferred colors of the buyers are also delivered on the order placed by them. We give several coating of color to the color proofing sheet as it can withstand all climatic conditions. Our roofing sheets will give life to a building for more than twenty years. These sheets are easy to carry and install and it can also be recycled.


What are Roofing used for?

In this modern world, steel and aluminum sheets are used as it is low in cost and maintenance. These metal sheets are available in various colors and models as it can fulfill the needs and taste of every customer. Color roofing sheets have the variety of colors and the preferred colors are delivered on the orders placed by the customers. The colors used in the color roofing sheets are made of high-quality paints and are given several coatings as it can be durable for a long period of time. Nowadays, stone coatings are given on the metal sheets so that it can give a completely different look for the building.

Metal sheets which have finished wood works are also available in the market so that the buyer can fulfill his dream in low cost and maintenance. Not only the customers but the architects also prefer metal roofing sheets as it can be fixed in the preferred shape and structure easily when compared to another type of roofing. Polycarbonate roofing sheet is other types of sheets which are transparent as glass but are not as fragile as glass. It is also a form of metal roof. It can bring a clear vision of the sky and nature into the building and it is favored by all nature loving people. Before buying a roofing material, one should be aware of his own budget and the durability and quality of the roofing sheets which he is about to buy. This is because the roof cannot be repaired and rebuilt often as it should be the strongest part of the building.

JSW image

Description for JSW and Metal Roofing sheets

JSW roofing sheets are also available in various colors. JSW roofing sheets are coated with high-quality colors with thickness so that it may last for a long period of time. These colors will fight against all climatic conditions and it is also resistant to heat. They are light in weight and is easy to use. These roofing sheets are also designed like the Spanish tiles and it gives a new and classy look to a building in low cost and labor. The polycarbonate sheets are also the most available sheets which are lighter than a glass sheet used for construction. But it is wont fragile and gives long durability. Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and give a clear view of nature. It gives a rich look and makes the people feel and experience the nature. It is most likable for nature lovers.

Metal roofing sheets help the architect to design his building in his preferred shape and model as the roofing sheets can be welded and form in any shape as per the dream of an architect or the customer. The materials used to manufacture the metal roofing sheets are zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel. The most preferable types of metal roofing sheets are PPGL and PPGI. Taste and dream of a customer differ from each other when it comes to their dream home or other building. These metal roofing sheets fulfill their needs. The designs and patterns on the metal roofing sheets can be converted according to the need of the costumes.


How we manufacturing the roofing sheets?

A roof is the main part of a building and it also plays an important role in the field of construction. Without a proper roof, the shape of a building cannot be fulfilled and also one cannot get a complete shelter. In this modern world, Roofing sheets are mostly used by the builders and also preferred by the costumers. Metal roofing sheets and color roofing sheets are the most preferable Roofing sheets. These sheets are high resistance for heat and cold. As it fixed in an interlocking method it can also withstand heavy wind and also fights back to all types of natural calamities.
In our company roofing sheets are made with good quality metals. We highly focus on the needs and satisfaction of our customer and we work hard to fulfill their needs. The metal roofing sheets manufactured by our company is light in weight and so it can be carried and fixed easily. We recycle the old sheets and fix it as new as possible so that the customers will financially helpful. We also manufacture color roofing sheets in various colors. The colors used by our company is of high quality and it lasts for a long time and in all climatic conditions. The preferred color of the customers are taken into consideration and are delivered in exact time.


Benefits of the Metal Roofing Coloured sheets

The Metal Roofing Sheets helps you to do the roofing without any need of the maintenance. There are many options available for the replacing the roof of our business or home.  This type of sheets comes in varied colours and designs. One can select the colour and the style based on our requirement. It helps in reflecting the sun rays and helps to keep your place cool. It suits for both commercial and residential places. It is not designed to absorb the sunlight.

The coloured metal Roofing has attracted the many in the industries. It has gained so much popularity in the recent times. It gives a contemporary look that gives life for a longer period. The steel roofing is one kind of metal roofing that looks similar to roofing made of aluminium and zinc. It is the conventional roofing that is easy to install owing to the less weight.  They are used for covering the wall of the industries and other building that is of commercial type. Metal roofing can also be done on the top of another roofing material. Many metals roofs have been installed over the wood that creates no problem for a lifetime.

Color Roofing Sheet offers a wide range of coated and non-coated roofing sheets from the best roofing company in Chennai. The metal tile or a roof can be installed over one or the two layers of the roof that is existing. One has to assume that the current roof and the framing and decking are in good condition. One can make the visual inspection and check the condition of the roof for a proper fixing. The structure is ought to look straight when you look from the ground. When the depression is seen on the roof it can be taken as a warning sign and one has to investigate the structural components of the roof.

The Metal Roofing in Chennai is the place where one can find all your roofing needs at the best prices. One can climb up the roof for checking any spots or signs of weakness in the structural components. If there is any query on the structural integrity of your roof goes for the removal which should be a priority in most cases. If the roof looks straight and seems to be solid with no leaks then it should be good to install on the further top of it.


Benefits of choosing a metal roof

Benefits of choosing a metal roof

  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • May never need to be replaced
  • Weather resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increases the value of your home

A metal roof may never need replacing

Metal has become a popular choice for roofing material. The main benefit of choosing a metal roof is endurance. Most of the other roofs need to be replaced within 20 years based on where you live. But the metal roofs last 50 years or even longer in the poor weather conditions. It shows if you install metal roof once, you need not replace it again.

Highly resistant to weather

Metal is highly resistant to poor weather condition. Metal Roofing Sheets will not allow the water penetration. Instead, water runs off. Also, metal roofs are heat resistant and it can endure high winds. It will not cause any damage. For this, the metal is used in homes all over the world.

Energy efficient

To make the metal roofs as energy efficient, it is preserved with a special paint which reflects the sun rays. Most of the roof companies guarantee that the roof pain lasts 20 years. So you need not repaint your metal roof to keep it energy efficient.

Environmentally friendly

Metal roof lasts a lifetime of your home. It will be suitable for any kind of environment.

Increase the value of your home

If you choose the metal roof for your home, it will definitely increase the value of your home. If you want to sell your home with Metal Roofing in Chennai, the buyers think they don’t need to replace the metal roof. Since they are long-lasting. So they can purchase your home at a good deal.

Concerns in choosing the metal roof


The cost is the main concern in choosing the metal roofs. Metal roofs cost more than standard roofing materials. If any damage happens to the metal roof, the repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Some people prefer to buy Polycarbonate Sheets in Chennai.


Most of the people worried about the style of the metal roofing sheets. They require stylish look for their homes. The metal roofs are now made in a variety of colours and fantastic styles.